Friday, April 24, 2015

Catch up

We have been super busy lately around our house. Our spring break was spent getting the house ready with lots of painting, decluttering and yard work. Of course, we always need to keep the daily cleaning going!

Hope you have a great week! I love the saying below. We try to eat pretty simple right now with getting ready to move. I made a big crock pot of pinto beans with lettuce, sour cream, cilantro, pico de gallio and hot sauce. It was so good!!

This bronzer was highly recommended by a couple of other bloggers. Have you ever tried it? 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fun Packed Weekend and Easter Breakfast Scones

Brandon took the girls to their first daddy dance. The girls were so pumped and got to make masks. Sophie even break danced! 

Brandon and Sophie and Ava before the daddy daughter dance. A senior at James River in the leadership program created the dance and did it as a senior project. She did such a great job!  
Sophie and Ava listening to the music at the children's day at the Richmond Symphony. 

A funny part of the cute lollipops and symphony -- the conductor had the instruments race each other. The clarinet won. 

Such a pretty venue

After the concert, we headed to Ava's favorite place, Bottom's Up Pizza. 

Brandon caught my strep throat last weekend, so headed out to have brunch to get out of the house. It was a gorg day! We had va ham and french toast at Urban Farmhouse. 

Ryder has been loving digging all day in his sandbox. 

We had these amazing scones when we went to the Jefferson afternoon tea with Jessie. The scones had this bits of toffee in them and they were so good. I replicated the scones by using this recipe and subbing whole milk yogurt for sour cream and Hershey Toffee bits. You have to make these. They are so good. 

Use flour on the biscuit cutters for each press you make. 

The toffee bits caramelize on the bottom. So good! They would be great for Easter morning! 

Best scones ever! 

Easter Toffee Scones 


I subbed whole fat yogurt for the sour cream, omitted raisins and added toffee bits (1/2 cup) instead.

Enjoy and comment if you are planning on trying any fun easter ideas!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Treat Yo Self!

We always seem to start with other projects and leave our bedroom for last. In our next home, I am going to "treat myself" and start with our room first. And that means a new bed since ours is very old! I could start with this tame upholstered bed and think beyond for a master bedroom. 

How adorable is this gray and white dresser? And that circle mirror and the fig leaf? 

And this color is amazing. 

This would be a-mazing in a little girl's room. Thinking pink or blue sheets with some monogramming. 

You could do this color and do some gray and rose accents. 

Totally french country look. 

This would be also adorable for a girls room with white fluffy pillows and a white comforter accented with pink piping. 

Love this boys room and the bed. The light above is key and adds load of texture. 

Why oh why, do  I love buffalo check so much? 

The chalkboard wall and the giant "G" are amazing. 

Add in pop of color from Megan Carn! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Freshening up

Spring is here and we are freshening up our living room to make it more bright and airy. I wasn't even sure if I should post before pictures because it's so dreary! 

We moved into our home two years ago and are selling this summer when we move back to Ohio for Brandon's job. So, we have been tackling some fun projects to make the home show better. Can I just tell you how much paint, good paint, makes a difference? 

We used Benjamin Moore Simply White. And we had a couple of friends come over and help us give their opinion, which helps. You can get lost in your own thoughts sometimes and it's hard to make any design decisions. 

We did the whole living room project for around $400 with paint, flowers, bar stools (20 percent off at Target), and a frame from the thrift store, and an architecture piece from Revival Consignment. And the side table. The walls took a lot of paint! 

My favorite flowers!! Green and white hydrangeas. 

Here's a before shot when we had just moved in. The fireplace and trim carried a 1970's vibe that made the room dreary. 

Why didn't we add these a long time ago? These stools are where the girls love to eat their cereal. Thanks to my friend, Erin for recommending them.  

Ryder wanted to be in the picture! Another easy tip is to find inexpensive bulb flowers while they are still closed at the supermarket. If they are closed they will last longer. 

My gut feeling was to paint the stained brown beams white. I love the difference it makes in the room now. It went from being our least favorite room to one of our favorite places. 

I actually just added a preserved boxwood wreath to the middle of the brown frame in the back. I love how it adds touches of classic green to the room. 

And my little buddy, Ryder. 
Now for the outside landscaping and painting the patio room!

Also, One King's Lane is having a huge sale today on Serena and Lilly products!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Almost Spring!

Can you believe it's almost spring? We had such a fun and very busy winter getting our home ready for selling this spring. We've had a Valentine's day cupcake playdate with Sarah, made tons of crafts with the girls and Ryder, had my sissy, Jessie to visit and enjoyed the snow! 

Chocolate banana muffins made with yogurt! 

Fresh tulips and flowers brighten up your home in spring. To keep them fresh, only fill up the vase to around 2 inches and add in a drop of bleach. 

Sophie playing with her homemade kite. 

Ava and her paper kite. 

Sophie's super hero mask. 

Being a superhero after playing outside. 

Sophie's homemade cape. 

We had a lot of late snowstorms this year. The kids were out of school almost a whole week when Brandon was in Ohio. 

The light on this photo -- Ava loved sledding outside. 

Sweet Ryder playing outside. This was his first time enjoying the snow. He said, "Yeah!" when he got to go outside. And he went sledding by himself. 

Since we were stuck in the house, I made homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon. Mmm!

Brandon was home for our next snow and got to build a fancy snow lady with the girls. 

My sister was here for a weekend, and we loved it. The girls enjoyed playing Disney headbands with her. Not sure about Ava's face here. Sophie probably guessed her person. 

We headed to the Jefferson Hotel for afternoon tea. 

So pretty. 

Tea time with Thomas Jefferson. It was so much fun getting pampered and enjoying tea together without our kids!!

To celebrate daddy being home we went to a "fire place." The girls got a kick out of the fire and the chef throwing eggs for them to catch. 

My fearless Sophie tried to catch it. I just love this picture!! Ava's face is priceless.