Wednesday, April 20, 2016

March going-ons

This isn't from March, but Sophie at her fall dance recital. I just saw this photo. 

Brandon, Ava and I travled to Canfield for Ava's state gymnastics meet. She loved the hotel and her own bed. 

These girls were in heaven! 

My gym buddy and friend from high school, Jill! 

The girls getting ready for the floor rotation. Nerves! 

Ava got 6th place for her 9.3 vault! She had tough competitors! The other age group that got 9.3 got second! 

What a sweetie! 

We didn't know it, but Ava had a virus and just felt terrible midway through her floor routine and was sick for three days. 

We thought Ava was just tired so we hit up a yelp restaurant for tacos. They were so good. 

Brandon trying his cow tongue tacos. 

Great job, Ava! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring is here?

The weather here in Ohio sure does change from hour to hour! We have had sun, snow and sleet in one week. On Tuesday, I got a suntan doing lawn work and on Friday I had my down parka covering up against sleet. Brr!

Ryder is taking swim lessons at Goldfish on Fridays and is a little fish!
I had the worst race ever. But, I was proud of myself for finishing. The girls were the best cheerleaders. 

Strawberry, rhubarb buckle 

Dying Easter eggs in our jammies. 

Brandon and I had a fun date night at Wolf Ridge Brewery. The beer was excellent. 

Almost ready for deck season. 

Happy Easter! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas and New Year Cards

This year's card featuring a festive red that my friend, Jess took! 

And last year's photo in Richmond, Va. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas outfits for girls

So today I have some fun and very affordable Christmas ideas for girls. I love outfits that are neutral so you can dress them up with holiday accessories like hair bows or headbands. And the girls had one request.


Both Ava and Sophie want something sparkly. Ava wants black shoes (her new favorite color), while Sophie wants red (don't forget the sparkle part!).

Here are some fun and cute outfits I found that are almost all under $40. And since my girls are small, they usually wear the same outfit for at least a year.

On to shoe shopping!

I love this for Sophie! 

Sassy sissy 

Silver sparkle

Jacquard dress

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Table

photo from Erin M. 
Our ladies at church planned a pretty awesome night on Monday at The Table in Upper Arlington. The main theme of the night was love and surrounded by the white pumpkins, twinkle lights and passionate women it was a great night!

I loved the message from the women about being women in the workplace and at home and how God blesses those activities.


Have a great weekend! We are heading to the OSU game on Saturday.

Monday, November 2, 2015

What a weekend!

Sophie had her Cirque De Dance show this weekend and did a great job as a creepy bunny! She was there for three shows and it was awesome to have all the grandparents attend and Aunt Becca. Poppa and Nanna came from Michigan so it was nice to see them and spend time with them. 

This was our before shot of trick r treat. Ryder didn't last that long, but the girls and I went for almost two hours! 
How adorable are those shoes the First Lady is wearing? You can find her shoes here. I want a pair!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall is here

So, October happened. Fall is here. The tips of the trees are turning red and gold, while the geese are honking overhead. We had a cold spell two weeks ago. And then it got hot!

I'm ready for fall. Summer was a crazy season. We did have some fun swimming and playing in the sprinklers. Man, our kids love water.

We closed on our house on the same day we had to rush back home to the movers who had our semi of things ready to move. So we packed and unpacked in the space of four days, including driving 10 hours, meeting with school officials for transferring the girls, and cleaning our old house in Virginia from top to bottom.

So yes, I am ready for a relaxing fall. Time to move inside and nest inside with a warm blanket and cup of coffee!

Just a parting shot of a beautiful space!

Happy Friday! It's Brandon's birthday and we celebrated last night at one of his favorite restaurants.
Happy Birthday, Brandon!