Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy November!

It's almost November here and the air is getting crisp in the morning in Virginia. We had 84 degree-weather on Monday and tomorrow it's around 46.

Sophie and Ava's costumes as cute black kitties turned out awesome! I was a little skeptical about the ears turning out, but Sophie wore them to school and came home and they were still on and intact.

This DIY tutorial was an awesome help! And after I got the mockup of the first ear done the rest seemed to go a little faster.

I used the front of the Pottery Barn Kids catalog for inspiration for the glittered nose and whiskers. For the face paint I just did the face paint first and then took Sophie outside and added white glitter to the faceprint and it seemed to stay!

Here's the cost breakdown: 
Fabric and trim for ears 

Black satin
Boa fluffy stuff 

Hair Clips 

T-shirts from Target 

Elastic for tails (not sure if I am doing) 

$30 for the whole shebang! And I still have a lot of fabric left to make a ton more ears.

That's a lot cheaper than the Frozen costumes. Score!

We are heading to a neighborhood party tonight that the girls are excited for and then trick r treating. And tomorrow we are going to the University of Richmond Spider football game with Ashleigh. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wow Women Wednesday: Kathy and her Journey at the Xterra National Championship

Kathy Waite from sideline cheerleader to podium winner! 
Hi y'all! I don't know about you, but I love to read about women who are rocking motherhood and finding time to follow their dreams! Kathy is a friend of my sister Jessie, who lives in Colorado (I mean, you can't get better at outdoor living than there!).

Anyways, I saw her post on her podium win via Jessie and loved it. What an accomplishment as the competition attracts some of the best trail runners from across the country! During the race, athletes swim, mountain bike and trail run through rough terrain and elevation.

So inspiring to me as a mom to really make time for my dreams as well as taking care of my family. 

Here's her race recap.


Waite family 

We are in Maui for the XTERRA World Championship race so I have a few quiet moments to myself to write answers to your questions.

I am a 40-year-old mom of three daughters: Emma is 13 and and my twins, Sofia and Noel, are 11 years old. I grew up running with my dad since the age of six years old, but I didn't learn to swim (for real) and bike until I was in my 30s. The reason I got into the triathlon was that I was inspired by a few girlfriends and then I met my husband, Cody, who is a professional triathlete, in 2008. Thankfully, he is not much taller than I am so I was able to ride his bikes. I quickly fell in love with road and mountain biking.

Kathy and her husband Cody 
For a couple of years, I acted as cheerleader for Cody, going with him around Colorado and the country on the XTERRA circuit. I fell in love with the sport but I wasn't in shape to race and I was still learning to mountain bike. I began seriously training for triathlon in 2010 after I recovered from a three level spinal fusion. I am lucky to be coached by husband and to train with our local triathlon club, EPC Multisport. 

I used to be the slowest one in the group but chasing the boys made me get faster and stronger. I was not a podium contender for the first couple of years I raced. This is year four of training and racing and it is so rewarding to see all the hard work paying off.

Balancing life
The most challenging part of the sport is balancing training with being a mom and running a business. I am co-owner of a CrossFit gym in Lakewood, All Pro CrossFit and co-owner of Cody and my triathlon coaching business, Endurance Performance Coaching. I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally when I am focused on goals, so I believe the challenge of triathlon makes me a better person. I am happier than I would be without it. It is a fun life to get to train and race with friends!

Race Day 

I was really nervous going into my last race of the season, the XTERRA National Championship in Snowbasin, Utah. I have had an amazing season this year, finishing on the podium at every race and winning age group regional champ. The pressure was on to meet my final goal: winning the national championship. I texted my friend and business partner, Mark, the day before the race and said that I was afraid I wouldn't be brave enough to suffer on race day. 

He responded that I was brave. His steadfast belief in my inner strength formed the mantra that I repeated over and over again during the run leg of the race: "I am brave, I am tough, I am strong." I truly believe that a successful race comes down to your mental toughness, to be being willing to suffer through pain, and to pushing yourself beyond what you want to do. We can always do more than we think we can.

More about the race: I came off the bike in second place in my age group, or at least I thought so. I knew that I hadn't caught one particular girl that I was aiming for and I wasn't sure who else was ahead of me. I knew I had to run really hard to try to catch her and possibly others. The run begins with a steep mile climb up the side of the ski slope at Snowbasin, which is so painful after a climb-intensive bike ride. 

Waite during the run portion of the race. 
As I neared the top of the first climb, I saw my target cresting the hill. I pushed on to catch her and, even as I passed her, I wondered if I'd be able to hold onto the lead because I was suffering so much. I also wondered if there was another girl in my age group ahead of me. I repeated the mantra numerous times, willing myself to suffer and to have no regrets in the race. I was thrilled to cross the finish line and discover I had, indeed, won my age group. No regrets!

Thanks for sharing your story, Kathy! I love that reminder to "be brave!" Great for every aspect of our lives.

Do you have any mantras that you repeat during hard races?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cozy times

Since the weather has dipped around here, I love having our cozy fire in the living room working. We watched "Pooh" today and had a fire, while the rain was coming down outside. Super warm and cozy.

We are thinking about paining the trim, walls and mantle white (Simple White, Benjamin Moore).
What do you think?

Keep the stain or paint it white? 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A camping we will go

So on Friday we did a mock-22 speed packing session, grabbed Ava from gymnastics and headed to Pocahontas State Park to try to nab one of the last three camp sites since it was too late to reserve a site online.

And we scored a great site! They don't let you pick a site until you get there, which is nice if you are late reserving one. And we loved going here because it was only 11.2 miles away. The bathrooms were very clean and close and they even have a playground and a pool. I just loved the running water and clean bathrooms. When we go camping in Hocking Hills we don't have running water.

We had such a great time that the whole family didn't want to leave. It was a magical time and the weather cooperated. Beautiful night and so much fun with the whole family roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and taking a hike the next day.

Sophie, Ava and Ryder after dinner roasting marshmallows  

Burnt. Just like we like them! 

Ryder and daddy right before Ryder's epic diaper mess. It was seriously epic. 

Time for breakfast mom! 

Our sad attempt at brewing coffee over the fire -- I drank every last bit though. 

The weather this weekend was so amazing -- crips and fall beautiful! 

The tent kept the kids occupied the whole time. They loved playing in it. We had them sound asleep by 8:30 pm. 

In the morning we did some leaf tracing and journaling what we saw. My personal favorite part since the girls got to use their summer journal more. 

The kids had fun meeting the other family next to our camp site. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three ways to really jack up your training for a race

This gorgeous weather was a mood booster! We had planned on going camping on Saturday with the kids, but camp sites at Pocohantes State Park were full!

So we scrambled mid-day Friday to find a spot (no go) and decided to risk it and drive the 30-minute drive to the park. We got a spot! The kids had a blast and I will post more photos on Monday. It was gorgeous outside with the fall weather and leaves turning bright yellow and red. 

I did my long run on Sunday (today) and loved running the 10 miles from my plan around a 10 min pace. My goal was to run it slow enough to recover easily during the week. Although I did the hilly loop twice, I felt strong and loved having Mike and Ikes as my fuel, along with gatorade. 

During my run, I was thinking that I have really learned from past race training mistakes. Even though I miss my running training bestie Sarah. :) And this quote below is one of my favorites this cycle. 

Three ways to really jack 
up your training for a race 

Be a speedster on every run and never run easy long runs or mid-runs

This is pretty self explanatory. :) During my training for my second half marathon, I wanted to break some crazy time barriers. And I trained super hard. Like I would leave training and be ready to crash on my couch. Too fast!

So when I got to the race I did a great job, but I didn't make my time goal because I had ran too fast. I did knock 15 minutes off my first race though. 

Fail to plan your long run fueling 
Since you are not racing for time on your long run, you should try to practice fueling. I am getting pretty good at knowing what my body needs. I am super beautiful when I run (not really) and sweat like a pig. More than most people in fact. :) 

So, I know that gatorade is needed a little more than other people who don't sweat as much. Also, I eat Mike and Ike's about every half mile after mile 3 so that my blood sugar stays even. This is just what works for me. 

Race someone else's race 
I was talking with a friend about racing and we both agreed that runners have different tempos. Some people like to speed up when they feel good and "bank" time, while others like to negative split. Others like to walk through fueling stations, while their friends hold their fuel. 

I was running today my 10 miles and had stopped to drink my gatorade so that I wouldn't spill it all over myself (!) and two runners said to me, "don't stop!" 

For some reason this just made me mad. They didn't probably mean to, but if the runner was a newbie, they could injure that runner. You have to have some breaks on long runs to drink. Not stopping to drink gatorade and running 10 miles without fuel is actually really dumb. :) 

This also goes with running your own race. Run at your pace and enjoy it!

My motto this training cycle is "Be your best fan, instead of your worst critic." 

Do you have any training mottos? 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Steals and Deals

How cute is this DIY costume for a black cat?

Sophie and Ava have both decided they wanted to dress like cute cats for trick r treat this year so I have been doing some research.

Pottery Barn has a cat costume for $50! Holy moly. That's just a little crazy when it's a black shirt with tulle skirt and ears $50 X 2!

Here's Pottery Barn's cat costume

DIY cat costume from Do It Yourself Divas 

Which one would you do?! :) 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Workout Tuesday

It's workout Tuesday here.

Although honestly I don't feel like working out! Ryder got up around 5:30 am this morning and I am supposed to run during his school time today.

This amazing almost 70 degree weather will make the run better though. I really dislike running indoors when it's beautiful outside.

Yesterday I really enjoyed working out. I just took it easy and did abs and arms along with squats. I also swam laps for the first time in a long time. It felt so good and it made me want to keep going with the swimming again. And Ryder and I went swimming and had lunch and we had such a fun time. I am trying to be more intentional about doing fun things with him and not just running errands or cleaning. He really loved it and loved the water squirt tube that was at our gym.

My friend at the gym is a yoga instructor and I asked her for some advice for sore quads yesterday from running. I was so sore from running that it hurt to jump up and down.

So she showed me this pose. The pose of death. :)

And well,  "asana ow!" as the article said!

It hurt. In a good way!

My long run this week is 10 miles that I have to get in before we go camping.

And how funny is Mindy? I love that show!