Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Going for the Great


Motivation Tuesday 
We had a great date night last Friday at Tazza Kitchen in Short Pump. I never get cocktails, but I tried a grapefruit cosmo that was refreshing and super cold. I loved it! After eating such a rich meal, I am back to working out!

This weekend I ran on Saturday and Sunday and it was so nice. Brandon was gone all week in Ohio for work so running outside is out. And we stopped our gym membership for a little bit since we are moving in the summer.

Honestly, I think running outside has made me faster. The only downfall is the cold weather and the ice. And it's hard to get my booty outdoors when it's so toasty inside.

I signed up for our church's 5k, Hope 5K, which is on March 8. It's my first 5k ever! Having done pretty much every other race except a marathon and the 5k, I think it will be fun and fast!

For me races are a great way to motivate myself when the weather is horrible and cold outside.

Here are some fun tips that help motivate me!

1. Sign up for a race. Any race is great, but I love to find local races supported by the Road Runners or a local running store or church. That way you know it will be timed (running store) or support a charity. And local races are so much less hassle than the big races. Big races are super fun if you are going for a party atmosphere and want to have fun.

2. Buy a cute top or pants that you feel great in. Even if they are a little more, the wear and tear of running and sweat really does a number on your clothes!

3. Run with a buddy. Or sign up for your local community running groups. Just seeing our RVA Facebook running posts on running around our town makes me want to get outside!

4. Download a new song or old one that you love to run to on iTunes.

5. Tell yourself just to get outside and do two miles and then run farther. This trick is mental and it's half the battle in running.

6. Use social media. I follow a number of really awesome and inspiring runners like Kara Goucher and Laura Fleshman on Instagram. For me it's super inspiring to see them running and balancing a family.

7. Because it's almost pool weather!: )

Do you have any fun tips that you use when getting your workouts in?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Greening up Your Food in Winter

Winter can be hard to get your veggies daily. You are tired and all you want to do is chow down on hearty soups and rich foods.

However, this always leads me to feel sluggish and tired. I lose my pep. I can usually tell when I need a veggie detox! So, here are some fun and easy ways to add in veggies that are fun and beautiful.

Key tip: At the grocery store, grab a bunch of fresh herbs so you can enjoy a taste of spring all week. Store the herbs in a mason jar of water in the fridge and it should last all week.

Cilantro Garbanzo Bean Hummus 

You can add this to a whole wheat wrap for a healthy alternative to deli meat. And it's super good for you as it's high in fiber and protein. 

In a blender or food processor blend the following:
1 can of garbanzo beans
1/2 lemon (use juice)
1-2 glugs of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
1 garlic clove

Using a whole wheat wrap with at least 2 grams of fiber, toast it in a cast iron skillet with a dash of evoo and then remove from the skillet and add your toppings. I used the cilantro hummus and topped with cilantro, tomatoes, sprouts and tomatoes.

This is my downfall. I love this combo of pumpernickel, melty cheese, sauerkraut, avocado, and light mayo with green onions. This is to die for! :) And fermented foods are great for you! You won't miss the meat.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Ava

Ava asked for donuts for her birthday with a pink candle.  
She's so sassy. 

We had a great birthday at her gymnastics gym. She had more than 20 girls and they had a blast! We called it her going away party too. 

And a sleepover with friends after the party with her friends from Mrs. Baker's class last year, Grace and Brielle. And cute sister Sophie who was pumped to be with the big girls. 

We had so many ideas to incorporate Ava's cowboy theme, but I was sick for three weeks before it! So we did a pared down version and I think it looked great. Ava wanted the girls to decorate chocolate cupcakes with candy. 

Ryder loved the bouncy house!

Every other year, the girls get a big birthday party. We don't think they need a big one every year so each year one kid gets a big birthday. It just works for us! Ava turned eight this year and wanted to have a gymnastic and horse party. We had a blast and the girls played and jumped all afternoon!

Happy Birthday, Ava!! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Life to Our Den

I can't begin to explain how much painting the fireplace and trim in our den has made it a different space. This photo below shows our room when we first moved in two years ago. And then the white fireplace is the finished result! We are still tweaking the mantle displays. And after going back and forth forever about the stained beams, we decided to take the plunge and paint them white. 

Our contractor said he would keep them stained, but the stain was old and not fresh. Freshening up the stain was a big job and since it's such a narrow room, the white palette really helps reflect light so much more. The fireplace was really sucking out the light in the room. 

This was a huge step for us, but we are so, so happy with the result! Brandon did a great job priming and painting the fireplace and trim It's been gray around here lately so my photos are not the best. I am hoping to post more photos of the after with our beams painted this week! 

So if you are deciding between taking the plunge and playing it safe. Take the plunge! 


Bull's Eye Primer
Bejamin Moore Simply White Paint Semi-gloss (fireplace)
BM Simply White Eggshell (trim)

It's totally normal to take photos of shows for design ideas right? 

And outfit inspirations, right? 

I mean, can HGTV just change their programming to include more "Fixer Upper," please?!

Have you ever taken the plunge and been happy with the decision? 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Front door makeover

Our front door two summers ago and little Ryder around 1 year. :) 

Our front door is a sweet door. It's solid mahogany that has weathered many humid Richmond summers.

Except it hasn't been painted in forever and the previous owners had chipping paint and a door knocker that was crying out for help.

When my friend, Jess, came to Richmond she commented on the front door trend here. You see, everyone paints their front door fun colors. Coral, blue, yellow, pink, red, green, orange. Every color you can imagine.

I have been waning back and forth between green, red and blue. And then I chose a color that was better for resell since are moving in June. I mean, the most popular blue color in 2012 should be a safe bet, right?

And it's straight up gorgeous! 

Some fun examples of Wyeth blue front doors.

I can't wait to see how it looks this weekend.

Here is our outside project list 

-Plant more bushes along walkway
-Plant boxwoods in urns flanking porch
-Take down dead trees and delimb tree branches in front yard
-Pressure wash front porch and back porch
-Wash windows
-Install white window boxes (2)
-Freshen up mulch beds
-Freshen up paint on front porch
-new flag?

Mountains of beauty

Since we have all been sick this week, I grabbed some of my phone photos again! We travelled through the Blue Mountains over Christmas break and boy, these photos don't do the sunrise justice. It was a gorgeous morning! And if you are in the mood to do some winter wreaths, how cool are the antlers in the greenery?

Three out of the five of us have been sick this week.

Lots of ginger ale. And coffee. And toast and popsicles. Yikes. I am so ready for a healthy house. On my 37th (!) birthday, I was in bed most of the day, except when we were at the doctor's office for Ava and Ryder. We are all getting stir crazy.

For my birthday Brandon got me these cute earrings that I love. And some riding boots to replace my broken ones that I got a major deal on!! I will share later.

And the girls made cards for me that were so sweet, along with my favorite ice cream--Jeni's salty carmel! I can take or leave cake, however, I love ice cream.

Hope you have a great week. We are posting some fun before and after photos of our fireplace and living room. And we are painting our door this weekend. And possibly adding window boxes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby, it's Cold Outside

This week in Richmond has been cold after our 70 degree Sunday! I have started running outside again and by the end of the run I usually am running in gloves, tank and tights or shorts. The weather is probably around 40-45 by mid-afternoon!

Today it's a chilly 30 and man, it's cold! Since I haven't uploaded my photos in awhile, I thought I would do a all-in-one phone dump of our Christmas time. I missed getting photos of my sisters who were in town. Next time, ladies!

Here it goes! 

Future kitchen inspiration! Those stools and those white shelves mixed in the coffee browns. 

My little hippy Sophie, who was playing at my parents' house and getting dressed up!: ) Coat is from Gymboree. And my friend makes the Frozen headbands. She's awesome! 

Sister Becca and I visiting GG before shopping. 

GG and me visiting.  

Date night with the adults in the family and look who was on their phone? :) Fun night at 101 Beer. 

Kelly got some sweet Hunter boots for Christmas and I loved these red ones that Angelina Jolie wore in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

Ryder got a big stuffed lion for Christmas from my parents and Ryder loved sitting in it. 

And Brandon loved taking a nap on it. 

Date night with my family and Brandon to see "Unbroken." The movie was good, but not as good as we thought it could have been since we all read the book. 

However, the unlimited icees were so good! 

Uncle Luke playing with Ryder. Ryder loved playing with his buddy. 

Charlie, Ava and Sophie before Christmas Eve service. 

Love this verse for the 2015. A great verse when you are facing new changes!! 

Mom and dad at date night. 

So nice to spend time with Brandon's parents at Christmas. 

The girls and I made dumplings for New Year's Eve and it was so much fun. They learned after about three dumplings how to form them. They did more than half of these. 

JCrew is having a sale on their winter items! This Fair Isle sweater is on sale--like major sale. It's down from $95 to 40. 

Vineyard Vines - 30% percent off 

Jcrew- 40% off winter sale