Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Coconut milk smoothies

I used to never cook with coconut milk. It just seemed very intimidating! However, I tried using coconut milk in our smoothies and it was amazing. The coconut milk is rich and thick. Don't use light coconut milk. I mean, you can. But, the real deal is so good for you. It has saturated fat that is processed at a different method than regular saturated fat, which helps maintain body weight. And it contains 25 percent of your daily iron!

Just throw a can of regular coconut milk in place of your liquid in your next smoothie recipe.

Coconut milk smoothies

To a blender add: 
One can of regular coconut milk 
One bag of frozen pineapples
One half bag of frozen strawberries 
Cup of ice 
One banana 

Top with coconut flakes and enjoy! 

Makes five cups.

Freeze the smoothie mix for a fun, beachy after school treat. The girls loved these.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Oatmeal to go!

Happy Friyay! 

Can you believe it's the end of the week? 
We had a fun filled week that was chock full of kids' activities and new workouts. Also, Ryder did awesome at school. No accidents! He had been having accidents and this week he had zero!

With our move, we really were reaching for easy things and that included a lot of eating out. Since I got on a scale and saw that four pounds (!) had crept up, I got on my "lets-get-serious" kick. Which means, eating out maybe once a week or so. And packing lunches and eating breakfast at home! 

Love this and she's a fellow pronator. Ha. Ha. Running humor.
I saw this great idea for making oatmeal on the go this week on The Kitchen on Food Network. We loved it this week. Brandon said two ladies stopped him and said what a great idea it was. Honestly, I can't take credit for it. It was on the show! 

Oatmeal to go

To a small mason jar add:
3/4 cup of minute oatmeal plain 
+ 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar
+ coconut +nuts, etc. 

Store in your pantry with the lid on. When you are ready in the morning to eat, add Keurig water and tighten lid and take along on your car ride to work. Or eat at work! 

You can do all sorts of flavors. I love pumpkin and cloves and cinnamon! 

Becca and I loved playing tennis in our neighborhood. She kicked my bootie, but I loved being outside and playing!

Our sweet Oliver's buddy walk is this Sunday. We are going to walk with our family. He's doing so well. 

Sophie learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. We were so proud of her. She was so stinkin excited she had to go show us the next day. PS. We love our new backyard. I feel like we are always on vacation. 

After a rough week of getting up with Ryder, the girls were so sweet and made me a card with a yogurt parfait and coffee. Ava was so sweet to even get granola for me. 

This veggie platter is so gorgeous! Love the colors. And her instagram feed is gorgeous. 

On Wednesday I took a quick hike at High Banks park while Ava was practicing. The leaves are just getting ready to turn and there were so many people out. 

Erika and I took the kids to toddler theater on Wed. Ryder liked getting to meet her sweet girls. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Living room updates

Happy Friyay! 

Brandon and I are going on a date tonight to watch the Shock Trials. We both read the books and can't wait to see it.

I ran five miles last Sunday and this stream was just beautiful. It's nice to have running trails that are so beautiful! 

I love the landscaping and outfit in this photo! 

Everything about this is awesome, including the rug, cross-back chairs and the chandelier. 

Our new living room is coming along! 

This is my favorite place to sit and read a book or unwind with a glass of wine. 

Katie Lee's new book is so good! I love all of her recipes. 

This is our plan for the living room, which also includes replacing the flooring from carpet to hardwood. We chose to fix up the outside first since we had dead trees and tree trimming to do, along with buying a bed and washer and dryer. 

Love using mint julep cups for flower holders.
Back to school 
Ryder started preschool this week! He was so excited to go to his class that he wanted to do drop off the first day. 

He picked the tiger emblem on Land's End site for his backpack. And his name is glow-in-the-dark! 

For a fun and nutritious snack, we like to freeze smoothies. The girls and Ryder loved eating these at school pickup. I added frozen peaches, milk and juice, and honey to the popsicle molds

Another great breakfast option for busy school mornings is freezing leftover french toast. I used baguettes here for the bread and it seemed to freeze better than regular bread. Simply put the toast in the toaster and get ready to smell cinnamon yumminess. It was amazing how much it tasted like I had just made it! 

A protein + carb mix is also a great idea. Mix salted sunflower seeds with honey cheerios. Ryder loves this combo.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tis the season

Fall is here! Can you believe how chilly it is compared to our 90s last week?

I am ready for sweaters, coffee and apple picking! We had a great weekend with the girls' school fall fest on Friday, gymnastics, and an ice cream social on Sunday. And it was Charlie's birthday on Saturday. The girls and Ryder didn't want to leave. Sophie and Ava said it was so much fun dancing and Ryder was riding the gator until he almost fell asleep!

Fall is a great time to add some warm touches to your home and outfits. I included some different ways you can use foliage and pumpkins in your home or sweaters and boots that I am loving this season.

Frye boots are soft and american made. I love my pair! And I got them on eBay for half price! 

I just got mack essie nail polish. Can't wait to try this fall color out! 

Add in leopard to plain black. 

This adorable tassel fall banner can be found on etsy. 

I love hunter boots + vests + denim shirts! 

JCrew swing sweater

Crisp whites + plaids. 

An easy way to transition to fall is to add cute boots to skirts! My sister and I loved walking the Belle Isle bridge in Richmond. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Today feels like a Monday. Our Labor Day weekend was full of yard work, pool fun and burgers!

We had my parents and Aunt Rita and Uncle Nick over on Friday for burgers. And had a great time. And then Saturday the girls and I went swimming for awhile and then picked up Ryder at my parents. Poor buddy got sick over the weekend so we were taking care of him.

I had ordered a paddle boarding session with my sister, Becca, so while Ryder was napping on Sunday we went to Alum Creek and paddle boarded. We loved the paddle boarding, but would prefer not to have to do a lesson each time we want to go.

We also did some epic landscaping, mainly clearing out the old, overgrown jungle in our front planting area!

The yummiest picnic salad! Posting this recipe this week! 

Reading on the deck by candle light. 

Love this pool bag that we got from Land's End

Our paddle boarding on Sunday was beautiful! 

Sweet Sophie lost her first front tooth! 

Brandon and I landscaped the front planting bed. Now to till out the ivy that is overtaking the beds! 
So much work! 

But, man. It sure looks so much better! 

I went running this weekend and it was beautiful and humid. Finally getting my old pace back again! Moving makes it tough to run and get the mileage in every week. 
Getting ready for fall series will be posting soon. I'll share fun ways to add some pumpkin, oozy spiciness to your house!

Have a great week!