Monday, March 17, 2014

Family vacation planning

Kuhns Olympics 2013

Kuhns family - my sisters, brother and mom and dad

With our family scattered around the US, it's nice to get together for our summer and winter visits. The photos above were taken last July after our Kuhns Olympics. It was our first family olympics mainly coordinated by Becca and we had a blast. Becca drew names from among the families and we had our teams! Sadly, the red team did not win last year! But, those shirts and the games were loads of fun.

Also, we have found that it's nice to go away somewhere together so everyone is on vacation. Even for one night. They all loved visiting Amish country.

Brandon and I just sat down last night and talked about our vacations this year! This is not really a normal year for us since we have been pushing vacations back for a couple of years, since we moved to Virginia last year.

We are planning on going to Disney (!) and then a couples beach trip in July. And we have a Shmidt family reunion in Ohio in June/July and then head to Ohio/Michigan for the holidays. The girls would not want to miss seeing their cousins!

Both Brandon and Nick at the football toss. 

Sophie planning her route through Disney this spring. 

Brandon's parents with the girls this Christmas.

Our family Christmas at the Shmidts with poor Ryder who had pneumonia. 
Summer bath time with Aunt Rachie and baby Kennedy. She is almost one year old now! 

In the football toss game, this bench was referred to as "the bench of shame." If you missed you had to sit here until the winner was announced. 

Colin and Olivia on the beautiful front porch. 

The final tournament game was a kids three-legged race. 

Poppa and the kids on the golf car. 

My mom with Charlie. 

We visited Amish Country this year at Christmas in Ohio and stayed at the Carlisle Inn. The kids had a blast eating popcorn, swimming and have stories at night. 

Cousins Ethan and Ava 

Little Ryder thought he would start to play the piano for us. 

Brandon and Charlie at gift time around the living room. 

Brandon's parents got him his favorite gift, Settlers of Cataan. He loved playing it and we all tried to beat him every night. 

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