Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sprucing up for spring.

Spring is coming and I am getting our home ready. These frames above the bench I had someone make were just what I loved in a model picture, but I couldn't find them until last week by some miracle at Target. Here is my inspiration. I brought home the one photo and then had to run back to get the last one!

I found this table at Target ($49!), which was inspired from here. It's perfect because I have this weird dislike for chunky, coffee tables. The tables were not online, but you can probably find them in the store. The rug is from For some reason, I have been loving navy this year!

I love the hydrangeas and bought a big bouquet from Whole Foods for $12 and split them up around the home. I used to visit a friend who had a mom who always put flowers in their home. Everywhere. In the bathroom, kitchen, etc. It must have made a lasting impact on me, because it's my favorite way to spring up a room.

Also, the curtains were the Young House Love no-sew hem ones and I love them. They stand up to little fingers and have not come unclipped yet. And there is a tutorial upcoming. West Elm featured similar burlap curtains for $55-$70 per panel!

Oh, Barefoot Contessa. Can I visit your garden in the Hampton's and steal your hydrangeas?


I mean, how can you go wrong with milky white and spring green bouquets?

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