Sunday, April 13, 2014

Best Day Ever!

Our last day at Disney World and we have had so much fun. I had my doubts about our time, but I think I am a true believer  of how much fun you can have. Everything was super clean and cast members were super polite, everything is run like a well-oiled machine and if you have a fast pass you are gold. The kids loved the smaller rides in Fantasyland and we got to meet loads of princesses. Our favorites were tinker bell and fawn and Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel. 
During the day we would get up and have breakfast in the room (great time saver) and then head to our east depot bus at the back of Port Orleans Riverside for our bus. I loved this resort! We roasted marshmallows every night by the pool, it was beautifully landscaped and we had movies every night under the stars. The bus depot also was super shady and clean. 
We went to the park around 9 am and got home each day around 5/5:45 pm. We tried to get up the energy to go back to watch fireworks at night. But we failed. With temps in mid-80s and three kids under 7, we just had more fun swimming and having pizza (and beer!) poolside. They even had a poolside bar with wine, pina coladas and craft beer. 
Since we came during Spring Break we got 30 percent off our booking and a great friend helped us plan. Nicole did all of our fast pass planning and made our experience awesome. I had no clues about Disney World, but she was super helpful! 
More pics to come! 
As Sophie and Ava said every day, "Best Day Ever!" 

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