Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Our first trip as a family to Disney was so much fun. We had a blast together as a family at the park. And the girls loved the princesses, especially Fawn and Rapunzel. The girls and I were so sad to leave. The weather was gorgeous and we just felt so blessed to be together in sun!

I know I had some Disney questions, so here are the top things I personally loved for our family.
  • Fast passes are where it's at! You only get a fast pass if you stay on resort or if you purchase them I think. We rode the smaller rides in the morning and did our fast passes in the afternoon when the park is crowded. And we knew our kids did best in the morning so we tried to get there early and leave before they were exhausted. 
  • Stay on a resort to enjoy all of the extras! We got 30 percent off for spring break and the price for us was really reasonable. And our resort, Port Riverside, had free boat shuttles to Downtown Disney and bus shuttles to the park (parking is around $15 on Disney if you stay off site). And each night they show a movie on the lawn. 
  • Set up pizza delivery for after your day at the park to the pool. 
  • We had marshmallows roasts each night at the resort. And a bar right beside the pool for a nice cap to the day along with pizza delivered to the pool, which was really reasonable. 
  • Don't get the mug if you don't drink pop. We brought pop to the room, but it was only $4. And bring your own water bottles to the park. We bought 25 bottles of water for $4. A bottle is $4 there! 
  • Eat one nice character lunch or breakfast and do counter service the following day. We liked Peco's Bill, because we knew our kids would eat chili, corn on the cob and yogurt and hamburgers and fries. It just depends on your children's likes. We did not buy meal plans because our kids don't eat that much. They really snacked most of the day and ate one big meal a day. 
  • We were mean parents and didn't do souvenirs. :) We probably would if they were a little bit older, but did let them pick out a favorite treat. 
  • Bring your own diapers and sunscreen. And reapply sunscreen often as it's pretty hot even in spring. It was 80-plus each day. I loved it! 
I think for us, the best part was the break from school and work! We just loved getting to relax and enjoy a vacation together as a family. Ryder usually needed a break around noon so one of us would hold him or put him in the stroller and the other person took the girls on rides or to a princess meeting.

Ava loved Riding the Barnstormer and Dumbo and all of the kids liked the Carousel, Ryder especially! Sophie loved dressing up and seeing the princesses. I will say, Ava (7) was almost over seeing the princesses. She liked them, but Sophie (5) loved them. 

The girls each day said "Best day ever!" Even Brandon is a Disney convert now. We can't wait to go back in a couple of years!

Any Disney favorites for you!? My favorite part was just enjoying the kids' faces seeing everything for the first time and the beautiful flowers and landscaping. And the parade was fun to see all of the princesses and characters. Also, at night the weather was awesome and the resort was very peaceful and relaxing and swimming was a good way to end the day. 

Our first day there! 

For a fast pass, you just click your bracelet on the Mickey and you get to enter an attraction without waiting (sometimes there is a 5-10 minute wait). Even if the standby wait is 1-2 hours. 

Ava really liked Pirates, but Sophie was on the fence and it was a little scary for her. 

Dumbo was one of our favorite rides. We rode it three or four times and it had a play waiting area that is nice to go to in the afternoon when it's super hot. 

Okay "Frozen" was a super big deal here. They are at Epcot until April 20, but they do have Elsa and Anna in the parade at 3 pm. Ava and Sophie wanted to see them and loved this part of the parade. 

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