Friday, April 4, 2014

Five for Friday

Friday favorites

1. Mizuno's "What if Everyone Ran?" app question that shows staggering statistics of better health, happier dogs and more sunrises seen. It's a great illustration of the power of a great run.

My favorite stat was 27 (Billion!) more sunrises would be seen and potential earnings increased by 10 percent if everyone ran.

Last summer I did a lot of research last year and love these sandals. They are comfortable and adorable and very high quality. And they are water resistant! Zappos has them on sale as well as 6 pm. 

3. Hot tea 
I had the flu this week and it was hard core. I hate being sick cooped up in the house, especially when it's 80! Hot tea with honey was a go to this week for sure. 

4. Running 
After a crazy winter I think my love for running is coming back. The weather has been amazing and I can't wait to train this year. 

5. Easter is coming up quickly! How cute are these Babiator sunglasses. They are almost indestructible and founded by two couples, one of the guys was a fighter pilot. They also have a lost policy that they will replace a lost or broken pair within the first year for free. You can also google for a promo code. 

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