Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our bathroom remodel adventures

We had a great weekend and are getting ready to head to Disney this Thursday. The girls are so excited and can't wait to go. I can't wait to see their faces.

And our longest project ever is almost complete! This May our contractor is coming to fix the plaster in the living room and install trim on the windows. Our bathroom is a constant thing in motion.

The shower of doom. Dark and depressing. 

I actually didn't hate the floor or tile, but the blue was so dark it made the bathroom feel extra small. 

I mean, why not add a blue toilet paper holder and towel bar? 

Yes, those are actual stalactites they found from water damage because of the broken shower pan. This was four months after we moved in. Surprise! 

Here is our almost finished bathroom!

We love the look of the clear semi-floating shower door and it is guaranteed for one year.  
I don't understand how a small space can take so long! Finding contractors and setting up times for estimates, buying supplies, the actual work and always having to tweak things has increased the time. 

And next time we have good contractors so we will be a step ahead. To find people that would actually come out (a common problem according to our home insurance adjuster), we found a list of preferred contractors from the Tile Shop where we purchased our material.

Brandon did most of the demo work, which was so hot and heavy. The original tile was held together with chicken wire! And his dad was so kind to come and help with the bathroom and tiling the floor, which saved a lot of funds.


A hot mess. 

Brandon and his dad repaired the water damaged wood and retiled the floor. We were celebrating his mom's bday here.

Since water damage from a shower pan was the culprit and the previous owners did not attend to the problem, we had to foot more than 3/4 the bill. Our tile was around 5.99 per sq. foot and the chair mold was a little more, but we love how it looks. The hexagon tile on the floor was also around 5.99 per sq. foot. There was a two-three week wait time for our materials. 

We added a semi-floating door since a floating door was around $200 more.

The subway tile turned out to make the space look clean and bright. The only thing I would have done differently is to add a box in for shampoo and conditioner. At the time I didn't think we needed it, but it would add a nice touch. The electrician came and did the light for around $200. Def. wanted a pro doing that since it touched water. 

At some point we would like to change the faucets. 

I am in love with the chair rail and all of the white. 

We had to special order these from a plumbing online site as it was from 1972. 
Here is our to-do list:

  • Tile last little bit around faucets that had to be special ordered
  • Paint and repair walls 
  • Find a fun chandelier at local outlet shop, Shades of Light 
  • Install trim and paint 
  • Hook up water (quick job) 
Our kitchen is probably next. How drool worthy are these inspiration photos below? I love the look of white, wood and a banquet to eat breakfast at.

My advice to anyone remodeling is to double the time and money you think it will take. And if it's a home you love take your time and decide on materials you really love that are as high quality as your budget allows.

Happy Decorating!