Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekend happenings

Brandon and I had a great time last weekend running the Ukrop 10K. However, the whole race I was so sluggish and could barely keep pace so I told him to go ahead. I have never been so close to DNFing before this race. I just could not make myself run any faster. I would run and then let myself walk to a certain mark. I ran almost 8 minutes slower than last year!

Well, I didn't realize I had the flu (Ryder had bronchitis on friday) and it hit hard this whole week. And it's so beautiful in Richmond that it's hard to rest and not go outside all day. Yesterday the kids were so good and Ryder took two naps. So thankful for him resting and sleeping all night. 

Brandon did great and it was a very fun race to do together. It was slightly raining and not too cold. We also had his parents watching the kids. The kids had a great time at home with them. 

Ava had her mock meet after the race and then we got the best "yummy chicken" ever at Wild Ginger.  We love that place so much and get take out for a special treat. Per our usual routine, whoever has the special event gets to pick the dinner. Sophie has already picked Chipotle for her recital post-dinner. 

I will post more pics later of the meet. 

Photo: We are off to run the Monument 10k! It's raining and pouring outside. @shmidtb

Photo: The gang
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