Friday, April 25, 2014

Wine Country in Northern Virginia

Bay scallops with pea shoots and prosciutto 

Shrimp ceviche style with spring veggies and grapefruit and avocado on top of a corn tortilla. How adorable are those napkins from Kiss That Frog

Lemon meyer cupcake with creme fraiche gelato 

My mom and I travelled about one hour north of Richmond this Easter weekend to sample wine in Va wine country. My mom loves weddings and and has a huge barn and countryside where three out of five of us have gotten married. Pippin Hill Farms is a premier wedding spot that is beautiful, lush and picture perfect. Imagine sipping wine on the porch overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

And imagine a cozy fire at night when it gets chilly followed by music and yummy food. Yes, it's a must! Although their wines are a little young and they use surrounding farms for some of their grapes, (yes, I'm now a wine sommelier or something), it's a fun getaway and you honestly feel like you leave away the cares of the week.

We got there super early (11 am) and we were very glad we did as the parking lot and the wine tasting bar fills up very fast. The parking lot holds 70 cars and you can tell it's a very popular and a JCrew crowd :). 

We also saw many families there and kids running around everywhere like at the Blue Mountain Brewery, also a must try! Their beer flights and sausage pizza are so good. Anyways, I digress. 

Travel to Pippin Hill Farms soon if you live close. Just get to the wine sampling bar early or in mid-afternoon

Our ultimate favorite was the lemon meyer cupcake with creme fraiche gelato. It made both of us smile and was a great end to the meal! Also, their rose wine is amazing for a hot spring or summer day. 

Do you like red or white wine? I love white wines. 

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