Wednesday, May 7, 2014


"But the fact is: in this house, we do life." 

How I love that simple quote from Jones Design Company

In this home, there are no perfect children. Or crumb free floors all the time. Or laundry that is perfectly folded waiting for their small child to tenderly put it away knowing the effort the mother or father put into it. Or tantrum free days. 

That's just not reality. Reality is messy and real.  

But, He has promised that if we abide in Him. He will give us the desires of our heart. 

Desires like peace, rest, wisdom for tough choices. 

Abide. The greek definition for abide means to remain or stay.  

From John Piper on Abiding: 
Letting the words of Jesus abide in us is not like memorizing axioms and theorems in geometry. It's not even like mulling over wise saying from ancient teachers. It is not like that because Jesus is alive today, and he does not mean for thinking about his words to replace fellowship with him. He means for musing on his words to BE fellowship with him.

Ava (7), Sophie (5), Ryder (23 months). 

This album is perfection. As is Rend Collective's new album, The Art of Celebration.  

It's simply perfect for summer and beach listening. Let me know if you like it! I just purchased the 10,000 reasons single and More than ConquerorsThey are actually touring right now and are in Cincinnati June 27. 

Most of their shows are sold out so if you are interested check them out. 

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