Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday

This morning marks a remarkable thing ... after 2 years I finally ran before Brandon left for work! I got up at 5:58 am to run and it made the whole day amazing, except for feeling like I was running in a bee hive with all of the pollen in our neighborhood.

I think using Daily Mile also is helping me stick to a plan and helped me see my mileage per week. I have ran/walked 15 miles already this week.

This morning when I left it was already mid-50s and hit 90 by the time we left the pool today. We had a great time swimming and Ryder thinks he can swim by himself. He is probably going to know how to swim by 3! Sophie is a like a fish and swims so well. 

Lauren Fleshman's Freaking Awesome Ab video is great for getting back into shape after baby. She's a writer, elite runner and mommy. 

I did this video this morning and it was a good change from my usual routine. 

Lauren Fleshman 

Miss Sophie had a mom's day at school and I got to go and see her classroom and her cheer, "Go Mommy!" They made necklaces and stepping stones for us. Their teachers did such a great job making the moms' feel special. 

I found this cute Etsy store, Plain Jane & Co., that sells adorable high quality dresses. Sophie is wearing this one in the above photo.

The girls love picking out their style and shipping was 3-5 days. The best part was dress was only $22 (with shipping). 

I love supporting other moms and small business owners.

Another Etsy find that I want to put in my master bedroom are Emily Jefford's paintings. They are so beautiful and peaceful. 

If you are like me and time strapped, She Reads Truth online devotionals are amazing. They are deep and applicable for busy moms. 


We are celebrating Mother's Day this weekend by heading to the pool or going to the symphony at Pocohantes Park. We went last year and the music was fun and the kids enjoyed running around to the music. 

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and mother-in-law on this sweet weekend. Hope you enjoy this weekend. 

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