Friday, May 23, 2014

Five for Friday!

school - institution for academic learning, noun

Friday is upon us dear mothers of restless, school weary children.  Soon we will be finished with signing papers, homework and projects for three months. I am really looking forward to seeing our family in Ohio and having Ava here for the day with Sophie and Ryder. It's Sophie's last summer before she starts kindergarten. I am going to be a mess when I send her to school on her first day of kindergarten. So yes, we are looking forward to a much needed break although, Ava and Sophie actually love school and are sad to say goodbye to their friends and teachers.

Looking forward to spending time with Becca here and going paddle boarding tomorrow on the James River. We also are swimming today!

Here are my five for friday picks!

Summer goals
1. I love this mom's idea to use the end of school to craft ideas for her kids to accomplish!

Since Ava also has to practice reading and her walkovers seeing someone else with the same goals was so fun for her. We will post our goals in June and see if you have any?

2. These leather wallets for Father's Day are so interesting. I mean, they are useful, rustic and modern at the same time. And pretty affordable.

in Chiang Mai, Thailand

3. This Runner's World plan for a marathon in the fall. I may have to up my running since the first long run is 10 miles. I def. need to increase my base running.

4. This long road tank is pretty and functional. It's Oiselle and is so flattering in the back. Love that it's only $34 and the green arrow in the back.

long road tank

5. I am in love with these dresses for girls!! They are made in South Carolina and the blue chevron with the monogram is adorable. I love that it's unique and made by another mom. 

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