Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Paddle boarding and cake

Back in our home it's time to get back in the school groove, at least for a little while. Sophie's last day of preschool is this Thursday and Ava still has school until June 13.

My sister Becca was visiting us this weekend and we packed in as much fun stuff as we could! We had such a fun time heading to Pasture to eat on Thursday and had pimento cheese with ritz crackers and a burger and fries. The burger was amazing with their mayo sauce and the fries were crispy and homemade. We also loved the beer flight that had 3 5oz mason jars ($7). The beer flight was a great way to sample some local Virginia beer.

One of the things Becca wanted to do was paddle boarding. We purchased a living social deal for paddle boarding down the James River with Riverside Outfitters.

I can't wait to post some pictures because we had a blast!! We had a fun and exciting time and the weather on Saturday in Richmond was beautiful. The paddle boarding trip took us down the James River through white water rapids - level 1-2.

This isn't us!: ) We couldn't take a camera with us, but this is from Riverside Outfitter's site and similar to our trip. 

Around 80s and the water temp was mid-60s. You couldn't have asked for a better day. The sun and water just made our time together relaxing. As relaxing as you can be paddling for your life. :)

On Sunday we headed to church and then swam and went to our lake on Sunday and Monday.

There was a little red thing from the camera on the photo, but this cute guy just makes me laugh. 

And we celebrated Ryder's birthday early on Sunday night with cake and ice cream. He was pretty tired and grumpy after a long day so it was nice to have it low key.

We will miss Aunt Becca! :)

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