Monday, May 12, 2014


from Hooked on Houses
Pretty much the whole reason I watch Revenge is because of the fashion and the beautiful homes featured in the Hamptons.

The easy breezy style.

Effortless chic that doesn't look overdone.

The sets are breathtaking and show tans, blues, blacks and whites mixed in with plants and flowers.

Always lots of flowers at the Grayson Manor.

Hooked on Houses has some great photos from both Emily's beach house and the Grayson Manor. Victoria's famous eiffel tower chair  has become something of a craze!

Personally, I love the hampton look of soft colors and classic style with a no fuss design like Ina Gartens' too. Her new barn is simply beautiful. I love the fireplace without a mantle and the stone top table outside with the sitting wall.

Those seats and the white and the open shelving are just amazing. 
Her lavender plants from her blog. 

The black window casings are my favorite along with the bright light in the living room. 

This sitting area looks so comfy and the flowers add a nice pop of color to the neutral pallet.

Emily's kitchen from Hooked on Houses

How cute are Emily's outfits? 

And if you are wanting to add some hampton design into your landscaping, hydrangeas and white and blue are easy and affordable ways to add a classic style.

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