Friday, July 18, 2014

Catch up time!

In June we headed Gallmeyer Farm to go strawberry picking.  
We went with Ashley and Foard and although there wasn't a lot of strawberries the kids loved the hay wagon. 

Ryder ate some of the strawberries. 

While Sophie posed and played with Foard. 

Ava graduated from Daisies to Brownies in June. We celebrated by having the bridging ceremony by the beautiful James River. 

So proud of her and her hard work. This is the bridging ceremony where she becomes a brownie. 

I love our sweet and kind Ava. 

And this mom didn't add her last petal, but she got a cute hair do!: ) 

And candy. Super important to first graders. 

I mean how much do I love this picture of the sisters together. Sophie loved being there for Ava on her special night. 

This dog was a big hit with Ryder. And so super cute. 

Every daisy meeting ends with a secret handshake and they ended the ceremony by following their tradition. 

Can we take this sweet puppy home with us? 

Everywhere we go Ryder loves to be a part of the action. 

Ava and her first grade picnic with her friends. 

Ava and her super teacher Mrs. Baker. Ava loved her and her class this year. We are going to miss her. 

Ava and Ryder on her last day of school. 

Ava's last day of school for 2014. I kind've love this picture of her. 

Sophie's last day as a preschooler! Next year she gets on the bus as a kindergarten student. We are going to miss her playing with us, but are so excited. She is super excited too. 

Always the sticks. 

Ava with her bus stop buddies. 

Our bus stop party complete with popsicles, cupcakes and silly string. 

Yesterday we made crowns and Ryder enjoyed wearing his. 

Finally created some planters since we returned from Ohio visiting family and friends. 

Added some ferns and a plant hanger we purchased from Anderson's. We hung the plant hanger upside down and it worked great. 

Ava's bus driver Mr. Floyd who the kids all love. 

We also dressed up the patio with some sweet potato vines and multi-colored coleus. 

And ate our chocolate milk popsicles for breakfast. 

I made this salad this week. So good and healthy! Just add a balsamic vin. to chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, parsley and garbanzo beans and season with salt and pepper and lemon juice. Fresh and ready for the pool. 

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