Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Exercise makes you happy

"How do you fit it in?" 

I feel like people always ask me how I fit in working out with kids and family. Since having three kids and a husband who now travels more, I really have found it actually makes me plan more and be focused on planning runs out the week before. I also spin and lift weights, which isn't on this graph. 

Also, a key thing for me is to record my mileage and workouts using Daily Mile

Since I started in Dec 2012, I have ran 1,097 miles and burned 87 pounds! 

1,097Total Miles
259.06Total Time
87Lbs Burned
426Total Workouts

It's pretty self explanatory and you can see how many miles you run per week so you don't overtrain or slack off. If I am tempted during a run to cut it short, I honestly don't want to take away a mile from my day! There are also options for any workout. It's pretty amazing. I highly recommend it for anyone training for a fall race. 

This was such a beautiful area to run in when we went camping with Brandon's family in southern Ohio! Simply beautiful ... and hilly! 

I did run last winter and early spring more than my account shows, however, I didn't log on as much until May this year. We had a rough winter with sick kids so I just ran when I had a second. 

I really believe starting in May logging hours and having Sarah to run with in the morning two days a week or so also helps me enjoy it more! I love our happy hour morning runs. 

    Dec '13

  2. \

    Jan '14
  3. 10
    Feb '14
  4. Mar '14
  5. Apr '14
  6. 19
    May '14
  7.  38
    Jun '14
  8.  30
    Jul '14

Daily Mile Graph 

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