Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sand, wind and water

I love this simple white feather picture. I can just see putting some cool verse on the left side. 

Sunset in the harbor.  

Brandon and I celebrated about anniversary this May with 11 (crazy!) years in the books. We wanted to go somewhere to celebrate and we chose Bald Head Island since it was close, beautiful and at the beach.

My mom and GG came to Richmond last week and we took off for the beach after a very late start with traffic, a fire at a TJMAXX and a library that closes on Thursdays that Brandon wanted to pick up some beach reads from (very random).  

However, once we stepped on the ferry to Bald Head Island and felt the salt water -- I'm not kidding -- our racing minds chilled out and we were very excited to relax and sit by the ocean for four days.

Every day we would get up and have coffee, go for a 4 miler, come home and have breakfast and then pack a lunch and read at the beach. It was heavenly.

I love our kids, but getting this amazing chance to just be together was so good for our relationship. We both read and made dinner for each other and got to eat dinner while it was still hot. It was really relaxing after our crazy last couple of months.

On Monday when we got back I ran in and kissed the kids. We missed them so much. Thanks again Mom and GG. We had a great time. 

Collecting sea shells for the girls. 

We saw two baby sharks by this shoal. 

Coconut ice cream + golf cart ride with Brandon after our beach photography walk. I had to have my daily ice cream fix. 

How adorable is this post office? 

Serious door love here. I am in love with this door and the color. I am thinking of painting our door. 

Also loved this color of door. 

GG and the kiddos before church on Sunday at our home. 

My mom and GG watched our kids for us and we were so thankful to have them here. The kids had a great time and loved visiting Hope Thrift, loved Burger King and their crowns and their food. 

This was our condo that we stayed in. They actually gave us a free upgrade and we had a full kitchen so we had fun cooking together.  

Since there are no cars, we took a golf car everywhere. We kept saying how much the girls would have loved riding in them. 

My Tory Flip Flops are still holding up great even if they get a little wet every now and again. Great buy. 

Some of the amazing houses. I loved the porch on this home. 

I really like the blue shutters with diamonds. 

Our first day there was super overcast and pretty mild so we just took a walk along the beach. 

I want to blow up some of these photos in the ever popular engineer style from Staples for our guest and master bedrooms. I think it would be so peaceful in a bedroom. 

Our seashell collection 

Old Baldy Lighthouse 

The first sunset we saw on the beach. 

This guy was at the Bald Head Conservancy in the creek. When He started getting near, I ran to the golf cart. 

Our second day at the beach and we got fried! 

Poor Brandon didn't use sunscreen and we were so red at the end of the day! 

We really enjoyed getting to use the chairs and umbrella avlb. through the Shoals Country Club. It made staying at the beach all day easy since you didn't have to bring your own chairs. 

Our walk through the marsh one night. 

Goodbye vacation! Heading to our car after a great trip. 

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  1. love the pics!!! Great door color! I agree. I think I need a color like that in the studio for pics!!