Monday, August 18, 2014

Netflix picks for the win

Do you ever scroll through Netflix in confusion because of all of the great videos? I wish they would have some kind of a good way to find new favorites!

Well, here are some of the shows we love right now.

Scaredy Squirrel 

Scholastic books, One of a Kind Critters
They kids love love Scaredy Squirrel, a hypochondriac critter created by Melanie Watt, who has a top secret plan and routine for everything.

It's witty and funny and I even enjoy watching it. And it's a great way to teach time.

The easiest way to find the video is to search inputting "Scholastic Books: One of a Kind Critters."


We just finished season four of Continuum, a futuristic cop and dystopia show that Brandon and I both love to watch for date night. Sad that the season is over, but we love to binge watch it when the new seasons are ready. :) 

Image result for continuum image 

Parks and Recreation 
Maybe it's my government background, but I have a serious love affair with Parks and Recreation. It's probably the only show I can watch more than once and I have seen every episode and season. :) 

I always quote this line to Brandon when he puts his aviators on.

Call the Midwife 
Set in the slums of East End of London, this series from PBS is one of my favorites. It's witty, funny and sometimes sad look at the life of women and childbirth in the 1950s.  Jenny Lee is my favorite nurse to watch and hopefully she will find love in season four.

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