Thursday, August 21, 2014

Running partners help put in the miles when running gets tedious

Getting back my running groove after Ryder.
To start again at ground running zero was hard for me this time. I was in great shape before Ryder. I ran two miles in a sprint tri at almost sub-7! I loved running and during that time running was pretty easy for me. When I visited my sister in Colorado I ran 10 miles with a running club without even working up to it. I just loved running and spending time with other runners.

However, it's hard to come back to running after a pregnancy and nursing for a year and then parenting three young ones under seven with a husband who travels.

Trust me when I say I am def. not complaining. Just life gets complicated. And it's so easy to skip those exercise days. But, if I expect it to be easy or fun all of the time, my running paces will never improve or become easier.  And I have lost five pounds in four months!

 “I always tell my athletes, don’t confuse difficulty 

with failure.”

—Eric Orton

So I got a great running partner about two months ago! Sarah and I run at 6 am about 2-3 times per week if our husbands are home or we are home. We run new routes, get lots of chatting in, and push each other to get in more miles. We started around 3 and now are at 3.5-5 depending on the day and our husbands' schedules.

Also, we are training for the Richmond Half Marathon in November. So, while I love running to clear my head and listen to great music, I also love running with another person, especially early in the morning when the alarm is so easy to turn off! 

In Ohio, I loved running with my good friend Jess who is running the Emerald City Half Marathon this weekend. Even now we always try to get in a run together when I go back. If your routine is boring or you are feeling unmotivated -- find a running buddy. Especially someone that is around your pace and that pushes you on days that you may want to slack or hit the snooze.  

Jess, me and Sarah at my first race ever! I ran the Emerald City 10K at a 10:55 pace. Wow, training has helped me come a long way. :) Loved seeing them at the finish too.

Jess-We need a race report this Monday! If you have never done the Emerald City Half Marathon in Dublin, Ohio you need to. It's a pretty flat and fast course that is at a great time of year. I have done the 10k twice and loved the smaller feel. I think it's growing pretty fast.

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