Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summa time

Running is going good. I did almost six miles last Saturday for my first longish run in awhile. I am starting my half marathon training in September. Basically, everything I am keeping same mileage during week and upping my long runs on the weekend. I am sore and have been having a meh attitude about running this week. So taking two days off in a row and running friday. Any good inspiration tips? 
We have had a great summer. Here are some of the things going on the past couple of months. Playing with Ellie before gymnastics and watching McKenna + popcorn.   

Pizza + watermelon playdate with school friends that Ava and Sophie missed! 

Little fuzzy - more pizza + watermelon pictures with Sophie and her best friend Maggie 

Sliding down the slide from Momma and Poppa Shmidt 

Cousin love with this cutie Charlie 

Lots of road trips. We traveled around Ohio and North Carolina. 

Sophie had some collateral damage on her face. It is almost healed. :) She was helping Ava after a dentist appointment and fell and skinned it on the sidewalk. Big girl. 

This is our favorite rest stop on the way to Ohio. Sandstone by New River Gorge. 

How pretty are those arches? And the patio is made from resources around the area. 

Ryder loved exploring the New River Nature Gorge and all of the animal displays inside. 

We love to pack a picnic and eat at the top of the mountain. 

We had a great July 4th party at my parent's house. Ava loved seeing her cousins.

On one of the days that we did VBS with our cousins, Poppa did a Jonah story and then the kids painted boats. The boat races down the stream were a huge hit with everyone. 

My dad is on Instagram now!  I love seeing photos from home that he posts.. Love this photo! Ava had to move the sled to stand on since she was on gravel. 

This is a great summer salad to make for the pool or a picnic. Parsley + tomatoes + cucumbers + feta + garbanzo beans + lemon balsamic vin. Add salt and pepper and you have a great healthy lunch. 
They loved jumping off the couch over the noodle. This was an hour before gymnastics and then they did 2.5 more hours of gymnastics! I want their energy. :)

The girls are having a great time journaling in their summer books and we are practicing Sophie's first and last name. Ava wrote a great journal about dolphins and used this link for some of her interesting facts. For us, doing writing during the summer keeps their writing skills sharp and minds curious!! We love visiting nature centers or even watching Scholastic stories on Netflix. One of their favorite stories is Scaredy Squirrel.

I will do a future post of their journals.

Have a great week!

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