Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend in photos

Sophie went to her friend Liam's water birthday party and had a great time. 

She was very excited to see her preschool friends again. 

After we picked up Sophie, we went on a historical Richmond and Bottoms Up Pizza  trip. We saw the old Confederate Navy Yard and the canal street locks. 

Sophie's friend Maggie invited her to do the ALS ice bucket challenge so Ava dumped water on her head. They love doing this now after watching Facebook videos. 

Ryder helped Ava out. 

Ava wasn't nominated, but wanted to do it anyway. 

We wanted to hit the pool yesterday, but the weather was still a little chilly so we played in the water table and hose in the yard. It was so fun. 

Sad to say goodbye to summer for sure. 

My little blondie 

My little ornery blondie 

Last night we came home and looked outside and a whole family of deer was in the front lawn.

Tomorrow I am posting one of my favorite kid-friendly recipes -- Giada's Fruit Leather. Fruit leather is extremely good and expensive. One strip in the store was 80 cents! I made probably 15 strips for only the cost of a pound of strawberries. And it is so good.

Have a great week! I know we can't wait for our last week of summer before school starts next Tuesday. The weather looks beautiful after the cloudy depressing days we have been having!!

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