Monday, September 29, 2014

A Sunday Well Spent

It's a new week! I always tell the girls this at our Sunday family meetings. Last week might have been tough or great, but this is a brand new week that can be anything you want it to be.

Life has been a little slower lately. I feel like we are settling into our school routine and the girls are doing amazing. Ava's reading is getting better and she is finally using her glasses all of the time and Sophie is loving learning to write and read at school. She came home with a paper on friday and had written a sentence! So proud of her. She also is learning her colors words and practicing counting to 100. 

This weekend we did some stuff around the house and rode bikes down by the James River. The girls and Ryder rode their bikes the whole time. And then we watched the "Swiss Family Robinson" on Netflix. Best. Movie. Ever.  

On Sunday, Sarah and I met for our long run. We wanted to do 9 miles and we had a great time watching the sunrise and running. It's amazing how fast a run goes when you have a running partner! We also met up with Erin to run five miles last weekend and had a fun run.

We had a great time with Brandon's parents who came to visit last weekend too. The kids love having their grandparents here since we are far from family. Brandon and his dad went hiking downtown on Belle Island and the girls loved having time with their grandparents doing crafts and playing outside. 

Wing night. 

Our neighbor Karen let us use her kayak to go for a ride on the lake. It was a gorgeous day. 

Turtle tour time. 

All of the kiddos sunning themselves after playing in the water. 

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