Friday, September 12, 2014

Five for Friday

It's Friday!

A funny story...In high school I used to do announcements sometimes and my cousin Amber and I would do our "It's Friday!!!" cheer over the announcements. I can't believe they let us do pretty much whatever we wanted and we always tried to make it creative.

This weekend we are doing loads of house things and going swimming as a family activity since school has started. We are trying to be intentional about carving out family time since Ava is at gymnastics three times per week and Sophie is at dance on Mondays. Wednesdays are our only free nights during the week and Ava has vision therapy so we are finding our happy spot with scheduling.

It's Friday favorites day.

Chocolate popsicles 

We use Kroger organic chocolate milk (only one we like for this!) and add to popsicle molds. The girls and Ryder have been loving these for breakfast and I love them after a long hot run on Saturdays. They are loads healthier than store bought popsicles and only have a couple of ingredients.  I purchased the molds on Amazon. I made some chai popsicles too here. 


So I would love to put this in the kids' room or bathroom. It's super cute with a great message. And only $12! 

You Make me Feel Like Dancing print

I love this print and want to put it down in our living room that we are going to paint white and freshen up. Going with a white living room with current red carpet and painting our fireplace white. Fun household things coming up! This print is only $16.68! A huge one is $40. 

A cute way to add sparkle to family budget meetings

Money makeover worksheets. Genius for only $4.50! And they are downloads. 

And for the fifth Friday favorite, can we just say goodbye to summer? 

Sniff Sniff. 

Pottery Barn swim cover up and towel sale

Pottery Barn is having a sale on swim cover ups and towels (40 percent off). I always stock up now on towels for next year so I don't have to pay full price. And I love their towels because their cotton color doesn't come off the kids while they are swimming (happened before on other towels.) This is a great Christmas gift idea too with the monogram detail. 

I really miss our pool times and hanging out with the girls when they are here in the morning. School has been an adjustment and we love having them home! It's starting to be fun to have just Ryder time though. There is just something about the lazy days of summer and relaxing in our bed watching movies and eating toast and juice. 

Happy Friday! It's 72 and 0 humidity. Blissful. 

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