Friday, September 19, 2014

Five for Friday!

Hi all!
It's Five for Friday time!

Brandon's parents are in town and the kids were so excited to see them again. And we have a date night tonight. So excited!

We did tempo miles today with a warm up and cool down mile. We both felt pretty strong and the darkness made running def. more "interesting." We did tempo around 9:35 for two miles, a great feat at 6 in the morning and the third one around 9:40.

Both of us agreed we felt good and could up the tempo pace. Next week is our 5k we are doing around our neighborhood. I decided I am going purely on feel and not wearing my garmin.

Five for Friday 

How cute are these costumes? It's their ode to the "Sandlot!" I love the red ruby lips and the white sunglasses.

And these leopard Jack Rodgers from Sweet Southern Prep are adorable. I love that they are the new neutral. 

I was just talking about hair detangled for kids and I love Unite's detangler system. It is a little expensive, but an 8 oz bottle lasts us almost a year. Bonus -- it smells like dryer sheets. Mmm.

Serious love of Teil Duncan, an artist from Charleston. Her works are super bold and bright and dreamy at the same time of beach life, umbrellas and beach conversations between glasses of frilly drinks. I would love a piece of her work! She reminds me of the Lily Pulitzer of the art world. 

Blushing Coast 

The last Five for Friday is going to Maymont. We visited it this summer with my parents who were in town and we had such a great time visiting and walking (walking a lot! Wear your sneakers!). The Japanese gardens were my favorite and the Italian gardens had beautiful roses in bloom. And Momma and Poppa were awesome and enjoyed the walk, which was pretty long (3 miles) and hot (90!). We loved having them here. 

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