Monday, September 1, 2014

Powhatan 4 miler race review

Sarah and I have been getting our base mileage up this summer to run the Richmond Half Marathon in the fall. We are busy and moms so races are sometimes hard to plan.

So when I came across a race that was $14 (with the t-shirt!), we were like, "Heck Yeah!" If you registered that day it was $20 and you didn't get a shirt.

I left here around 6:40 am to pick up Sarah and we arrived at the Powhatan YMCA in plenty of time to register and drink some gatorade since it was pretty humid (88 percent).

At 8 am the race director had everyone walk down a hill (first sign of hilly course) to the finish line that was at the bottom of a hill. This race was old school and we waited until the gun went off to start.

The first two or three miles went through Powhatan and the courthouse and then led you to the trail. I felt pretty great on the first couple of miles and was going 9:22 pace to save some for the end sprint. However, I didn't realize the last 1.3 miles of trails were so hilly! With the humid weather you were left sucking wind as hill after hill came up. Sarah told me at the top of one of them, "What comes up will go down!" And I told her that I thought we were going to just be going downhill the whole time. I guess I was wrong! :)

Sarah pulled ahead and went and I was struggling to breath at the top of one hill. I took a deep breath and went toward the finish line. At the finish line they had a finish chute and people taking your race tabs to tabulate winners.

I was just glad to be done! I finished with a 9:27 pace and Sarah finished ahead of me.

A great race with great local runners that showed up to supper the YMCA.

We both loved it! And it got us ready for the Richmond Half Marathon!

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