Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Richmond Half Marathon week 3 training

This morning was beautiful outside! I met Sarah for a run and we did just under 4 with our running to our meetings spot and back. We were both sore from our eight mile long run this Saturday, which we did amazingly! This cooler weather just makes running so much more enjoyable. Compared to our ultra hot Sahara long run the prior week--this felt doable. And we picked up a friend on the run who was running that morning for the half training. We call it mommy happy hour in the morning because so many moms are out running.

We had a great run though and it was nice to be outside after running on the treadmill yesterday. I started with zero motivation and did two of my surefire tips for more motivation.

Look at someone else running 

1. Pinterest motivation

Listen to some tunes

2. Workout songs
I love "Compass" and "All Night" for running -  I think it must help my cadence because they are perfect tempo run songs.

We have a full week this week. Ryder has preschool today and I get to help the girls at school. So excited to have some time to volunteer now that Ryder is in preschool (and he loves it!). And Brandon's parents are coming from Michigan on Thursday so the kids are excited to see them.

How adorable are these toasts for after school snacks? Since toast is the "new" thing or the "tip of the hipster spear." I thought they were super cute and healthy and that the girls would eat them up. Literally.

And I am fixing the comment section on the blog!

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