Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday fit day

Our home lately has been one person that is sick with the stomach bug. It's this persisting little guy that makes you feel bad in waves and then okay and one of us keeps catching it.

Since we have had it last weekend, we haven't been hungry for meat entree dishes and mainly been craving smoothies (love strawberry mango!) and spaghetti. We are having pumpkin waffles tonight with the maple syrup Brandon's mom brought from Michigan. And I love the honey my mom brought from Ohio. We have added it to the tea and it makes it so good.

Mom with my sweet niece Kennedy
Anyways, it's def. been an adjustment and feels weird not making so many meat dishes. Anyone else out there rely on meat a lot? I feel like before Ryder we used to make more dishes with quinoa or beans. Maybe it's just more kids equals less headspace to cook elaborate dinners.

And it also means I am getting in a run tonight when Brandon comes home. It's pretty nice to have my Ava home with just me though. I miss her when she is at school and gymnastics.

I really enjoyed this article on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Runners. One of my favorite points in the article was that you have to make working out a priority and act like it's a to-do, not if I can get to.

What do you think? Right now, my goal is to run four times per week. Since I just started getting higher mileage in since this summer, I am trying to get in a good base and increase it with the half marathon in the fall. Ideally, I am trying to hit around 20-25 miles with this training cycle. The peak training will probably be 25-30 miles. I would someday love to do higher, but with little kids and family, I feel pretty good about this goal. It's manageable and won't get me injured.

I will hit my highest mileage this month after my four mile run tonight! Trying to hit 68 miles for September.

And just to have some sweetness with a fit day post, Brandon brought home a cupcake for me a couple of weeks ago from Georgetown Cupcakes. This cupcake was the single best cupcake I have ever eaten. Usually, I scrimp the top of the icing off the cake because it's too sweet. Oh no. Honey, I ate the whole cupcake (well, the kids ate some too). It was off the charts. Now I am planning a trip to DC just for their cupcakes!!

Making these famous blueberry muffins for Ava. They look awesome! And they mash some of the blueberries that are used in the muffins, which is a different technique than I am used to in baking.

Have a great week!

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