Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A camping we will go

So on Friday we did a mock-22 speed packing session, grabbed Ava from gymnastics and headed to Pocahontas State Park to try to nab one of the last three camp sites since it was too late to reserve a site online.

And we scored a great site! They don't let you pick a site until you get there, which is nice if you are late reserving one. And we loved going here because it was only 11.2 miles away. The bathrooms were very clean and close and they even have a playground and a pool. I just loved the running water and clean bathrooms. When we go camping in Hocking Hills we don't have running water.

We had such a great time that the whole family didn't want to leave. It was a magical time and the weather cooperated. Beautiful night and so much fun with the whole family roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and taking a hike the next day.

Sophie, Ava and Ryder after dinner roasting marshmallows  

Burnt. Just like we like them! 

Ryder and daddy right before Ryder's epic diaper mess. It was seriously epic. 

Time for breakfast mom! 

Our sad attempt at brewing coffee over the fire -- I drank every last bit though. 

The weather this weekend was so amazing -- crips and fall beautiful! 

The tent kept the kids occupied the whole time. They loved playing in it. We had them sound asleep by 8:30 pm. 

In the morning we did some leaf tracing and journaling what we saw. My personal favorite part since the girls got to use their summer journal more. 

The kids had fun meeting the other family next to our camp site. 

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