Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Caper and tomato bagels

We have this amazing farmer's market in Richmond called South of the James.

At the market, you go and head straight for the back where they have a bagel stand with a long line that serves homemade cream cheese on a bagel with basil, capers, tomatoes, and fresh greens and diced onions. It's so popular it was voted one of the top five eats at the market.

I made this last week after a long run and Brandon and I loved it. It's a great brunch eat and super healthy. And you don't have to wait for 45 minutes to get it!!

Bagels with cream cheese, tomatoes and capers

Add cream cheese to toasted bagel

Add fresh basil, micro greens (I just used arugula), tomatoes, capers, salt and pepper and diced red onions.

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