Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday favorites!

Hi y'all!
It's finally Friday! We are loving this weather in Richmond. It's ben in the 80s and the leaves are just barely turning red and orange. This is probably my favorite time of the year, besides pool weather and Christmas. The leaves are still on the trees and everything is pumpkin.

Here are my five favorite ways to dress up the house and yard for fall!

1. Pumpkins!

Loads of pumpkins in oranges, white and whatever color you like. I like the design below and you could do a cute number like a number for the people in your family (5).

2. A cute fall quote framed.

I just bought black paper and made my own with a chalkboard pen last year. I did have to do it twice because I spelled y'all wrong. :)

3. A bunch of mums in one color.

I purchased two different colors last year and think one solid color of mums look so chic. You can also follow The Front Door Project on Instagram and get some amazing inspiration. She's one of my favorite Instagram posters.


4. A fun fall wreath. Last year I made a magnolia leaf wreath with a burlap ribbon.

You can buy one here that is beautiful!!

5. A fun fall candle.

And if you are researching a good pace for your fall race, I found this article about elite athletes debuting in the marathon fascinating. Runner's World said that going slower in the first half and then surging and dropping behind a couple of times hurt Mo Farah's overall race time because he went too fast.

And I listened to the song below by Same Hunter about six times today as I did my progression run. Seriously, it just felt like the best run in a long time! I did the first type of progression run described in the article, which just means you split up your race into thirds. I did about 6.5 miles and 6 around a 9:30 pace. I started at a higher pace and ended at 8:30/8:20 with a negative split. With the half marathon coming up in November, I am working on pacing and not going out too fast.

I like country pop music for slower tempo runs because I don't go too fast and the cadence seems to perfectly match up. Yes. I may have listened to this song around six times.

Ryder and I post workout exploring the world of selfies. :) 

Ryder loves playing with my necklaces and he loves wearing this shirt from Aunt Jessie. 

New shoes! I found some of the discontinued shoes finally on! I had to look for three weeks to find my size since they aren't making anymore. And yes, I have a weird thing with non-matching socks. It drives Brandon nuts. :)  

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