Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy November!

It's almost November here and the air is getting crisp in the morning in Virginia. We had 84 degree-weather on Monday and tomorrow it's around 46.

Sophie and Ava's costumes as cute black kitties turned out awesome! I was a little skeptical about the ears turning out, but Sophie wore them to school and came home and they were still on and intact.

This DIY tutorial was an awesome help! And after I got the mockup of the first ear done the rest seemed to go a little faster.

I used the front of the Pottery Barn Kids catalog for inspiration for the glittered nose and whiskers. For the face paint I just did the face paint first and then took Sophie outside and added white glitter to the faceprint and it seemed to stay!

Here's the cost breakdown: 
Fabric and trim for ears 

Black satin
Boa fluffy stuff 

Hair Clips 

T-shirts from Target 

Elastic for tails (not sure if I am doing) 

$30 for the whole shebang! And I still have a lot of fabric left to make a ton more ears.

That's a lot cheaper than the Frozen costumes. Score!

We are heading to a neighborhood party tonight that the girls are excited for and then trick r treating. And tomorrow we are going to the University of Richmond Spider football game with Ashleigh. 

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