Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three ways to really jack up your training for a race

This gorgeous weather was a mood booster! We had planned on going camping on Saturday with the kids, but camp sites at Pocohantes State Park were full!

So we scrambled mid-day Friday to find a spot (no go) and decided to risk it and drive the 30-minute drive to the park. We got a spot! The kids had a blast and I will post more photos on Monday. It was gorgeous outside with the fall weather and leaves turning bright yellow and red. 

I did my long run on Sunday (today) and loved running the 10 miles from my plan around a 10 min pace. My goal was to run it slow enough to recover easily during the week. Although I did the hilly loop twice, I felt strong and loved having Mike and Ikes as my fuel, along with gatorade. 

During my run, I was thinking that I have really learned from past race training mistakes. Even though I miss my running training bestie Sarah. :) And this quote below is one of my favorites this cycle. 

Three ways to really jack 
up your training for a race 

Be a speedster on every run and never run easy long runs or mid-runs

This is pretty self explanatory. :) During my training for my second half marathon, I wanted to break some crazy time barriers. And I trained super hard. Like I would leave training and be ready to crash on my couch. Too fast!

So when I got to the race I did a great job, but I didn't make my time goal because I had ran too fast. I did knock 15 minutes off my first race though. 

Fail to plan your long run fueling 
Since you are not racing for time on your long run, you should try to practice fueling. I am getting pretty good at knowing what my body needs. I am super beautiful when I run (not really) and sweat like a pig. More than most people in fact. :) 

So, I know that gatorade is needed a little more than other people who don't sweat as much. Also, I eat Mike and Ike's about every half mile after mile 3 so that my blood sugar stays even. This is just what works for me. 

Race someone else's race 
I was talking with a friend about racing and we both agreed that runners have different tempos. Some people like to speed up when they feel good and "bank" time, while others like to negative split. Others like to walk through fueling stations, while their friends hold their fuel. 

I was running today my 10 miles and had stopped to drink my gatorade so that I wouldn't spill it all over myself (!) and two runners said to me, "don't stop!" 

For some reason this just made me mad. They didn't probably mean to, but if the runner was a newbie, they could injure that runner. You have to have some breaks on long runs to drink. Not stopping to drink gatorade and running 10 miles without fuel is actually really dumb. :) 

This also goes with running your own race. Run at your pace and enjoy it!

My motto this training cycle is "Be your best fan, instead of your worst critic." 

Do you have any training mottos? 

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