Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Family Photo Shoot Mood Board

Fall is here so you know what time it is right? Family photo time! Jess usually takes our photos and we love all of them that she does. However, she is here for only a little bit and we thought it might get a little hairy shooting our family and getting outfits ready and running the half marathon on Saturday. 

Since we have been pretty casual in former photos, I thought it would be fun to go a little dressy for our photos. And since I love pink, I thought this was a great time to work in pink to the neutral pallet navy and ivory. 

I'm in love! 

Family Photo Shoot Mood Board 

For him 
For her
Also Nordstrom 


This dress is on sale and 70 cheaper than the dress on! I love ivory on blondes! 

Sophie already has a similar style of navy dress from Gap. I may get her another dress though if she wants to do pink. 

Ava already has a similar dress from Gap that she loves. 

For little guy (on sale today!)


Have a great week! 

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