Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving and "the list"

This year we are hosting ... ourselves! It's our last year to have a Thanksgiving in Virginia since we are moving to Ohio in the summer. So we thought it would be nice to stay home and get some home things crossed off the list. Although I will miss our families, the 10 hour drive both ways is a lot in five days. It just makes us more excited to go up for Christmas!!

In my hometown in Ohio, if you wanted to bring something to dinner our Yoder family had a system. GG, a Tennessee mom to nine and grandma to 28 grandchildren, is the "keeper of the list." Which means you only bring something when you check in with her and get her approval to "put it on the list." So I would be talking with mom and she would say, "call GG and get your item on the list."

GG is in the far right in front of the pillow. My mom is in the blue shirt. 
You may suggest something to GG and not get your entree or side on the list for Thanksgiving or Easter that year. That's ok. You move on to suggestion #2 or #3. And don't get cocky if you are a grandchild or extended family.

This isn't the big varsity day for you. You will not get in to the first team line-up with "A" items like ham, turkey or dressing. Or mashed potatoes. You thought you would get get mashed potatoes? That's so cute. And Santa is real you say?

Those my friends are coveted positions only the varsity aunts and GGs are assigned to. You will bring wine, dessert or possibly, possibly salad (Becca got salad put on "the list" in 2009 and somehow it has stayed. She's such a pioneer).

And honestly, having a bountiful meal of amazing food is amazing. And we appreciate the hard work GG does assembling such great list of food and the aunts do creating such a good spread. 

Anyways, I digress...The whole "list" was totally up to me this year. So I went crazy. I am cooking for two days and then not cooking anything for a week!!:)

Here it is!

Thanksgiving Day

//Citrus Roasted Herb Turkey

//Mashed potatoes with sour cream

//Dressing with thyme, cranberries, mushrooms//

//Brussel sprouts with escarole salad 

//Dinner Rolls

//Green bean casserole with crispy onions (outrageously amazing recipe from Smitten Kitchen)

Smitten Kitchen 

//Pumpkin Tiramisu//made day ahead 

Food and Wine 

//ice cream 

I will have to run about 10 miles this weekend to break even!!

Another fun thing we do is to put brown craft paper on the table for the kids to write on, instead of a fancy tablecloth. The kids love it and it's super easy to clean up.

Have a great holiday! Are you hosting or attending a dinner? Are you going the traditional route with pies or going crazy with another creation? 

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