Thursday, January 15, 2015

Front door makeover

Our front door two summers ago and little Ryder around 1 year. :) 

Our front door is a sweet door. It's solid mahogany that has weathered many humid Richmond summers.

Except it hasn't been painted in forever and the previous owners had chipping paint and a door knocker that was crying out for help.

When my friend, Jess, came to Richmond she commented on the front door trend here. You see, everyone paints their front door fun colors. Coral, blue, yellow, pink, red, green, orange. Every color you can imagine.

I have been waning back and forth between green, red and blue. And then I chose a color that was better for resell since are moving in June. I mean, the most popular blue color in 2012 should be a safe bet, right?

And it's straight up gorgeous! 

Some fun examples of Wyeth blue front doors.

I can't wait to see how it looks this weekend.

Here is our outside project list 

-Plant more bushes along walkway
-Plant boxwoods in urns flanking porch
-Take down dead trees and delimb tree branches in front yard
-Pressure wash front porch and back porch
-Wash windows
-Install white window boxes (2)
-Freshen up mulch beds
-Freshen up paint on front porch
-new flag?

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