Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mountains of beauty

Since we have all been sick this week, I grabbed some of my phone photos again! We travelled through the Blue Mountains over Christmas break and boy, these photos don't do the sunrise justice. It was a gorgeous morning! And if you are in the mood to do some winter wreaths, how cool are the antlers in the greenery?

Three out of the five of us have been sick this week.

Lots of ginger ale. And coffee. And toast and popsicles. Yikes. I am so ready for a healthy house. On my 37th (!) birthday, I was in bed most of the day, except when we were at the doctor's office for Ava and Ryder. We are all getting stir crazy.

For my birthday Brandon got me these cute earrings that I love. And some riding boots to replace my broken ones that I got a major deal on!! I will share later.

And the girls made cards for me that were so sweet, along with my favorite ice cream--Jeni's salty carmel! I can take or leave cake, however, I love ice cream.

Hope you have a great week. We are posting some fun before and after photos of our fireplace and living room. And we are painting our door this weekend. And possibly adding window boxes.

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