Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Life to Our Den

I can't begin to explain how much painting the fireplace and trim in our den has made it a different space. This photo below shows our room when we first moved in two years ago. And then the white fireplace is the finished result! We are still tweaking the mantle displays. And after going back and forth forever about the stained beams, we decided to take the plunge and paint them white. 

Our contractor said he would keep them stained, but the stain was old and not fresh. Freshening up the stain was a big job and since it's such a narrow room, the white palette really helps reflect light so much more. The fireplace was really sucking out the light in the room. 

This was a huge step for us, but we are so, so happy with the result! Brandon did a great job priming and painting the fireplace and trim It's been gray around here lately so my photos are not the best. I am hoping to post more photos of the after with our beams painted this week! 

So if you are deciding between taking the plunge and playing it safe. Take the plunge! 


Bull's Eye Primer
Bejamin Moore Simply White Paint Semi-gloss (fireplace)
BM Simply White Eggshell (trim)

It's totally normal to take photos of shows for design ideas right? 

And outfit inspirations, right? 

I mean, can HGTV just change their programming to include more "Fixer Upper," please?!

Have you ever taken the plunge and been happy with the decision? 

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