Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Going for the Great


Motivation Tuesday 
We had a great date night last Friday at Tazza Kitchen in Short Pump. I never get cocktails, but I tried a grapefruit cosmo that was refreshing and super cold. I loved it! After eating such a rich meal, I am back to working out!

This weekend I ran on Saturday and Sunday and it was so nice. Brandon was gone all week in Ohio for work so running outside is out. And we stopped our gym membership for a little bit since we are moving in the summer.

Honestly, I think running outside has made me faster. The only downfall is the cold weather and the ice. And it's hard to get my booty outdoors when it's so toasty inside.

I signed up for our church's 5k, Hope 5K, which is on March 8. It's my first 5k ever! Having done pretty much every other race except a marathon and the 5k, I think it will be fun and fast!

For me races are a great way to motivate myself when the weather is horrible and cold outside.

Here are some fun tips that help motivate me!

1. Sign up for a race. Any race is great, but I love to find local races supported by the Road Runners or a local running store or church. That way you know it will be timed (running store) or support a charity. And local races are so much less hassle than the big races. Big races are super fun if you are going for a party atmosphere and want to have fun.

2. Buy a cute top or pants that you feel great in. Even if they are a little more, the wear and tear of running and sweat really does a number on your clothes!

3. Run with a buddy. Or sign up for your local community running groups. Just seeing our RVA Facebook running posts on running around our town makes me want to get outside!

4. Download a new song or old one that you love to run to on iTunes.

5. Tell yourself just to get outside and do two miles and then run farther. This trick is mental and it's half the battle in running.

6. Use social media. I follow a number of really awesome and inspiring runners like Kara Goucher and Laura Fleshman on Instagram. For me it's super inspiring to see them running and balancing a family.

7. Because it's almost pool weather!: )

Do you have any fun tips that you use when getting your workouts in?

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