Monday, February 23, 2015

Greening up Your Food in Winter

Winter can be hard to get your veggies daily. You are tired and all you want to do is chow down on hearty soups and rich foods.

However, this always leads me to feel sluggish and tired. I lose my pep. I can usually tell when I need a veggie detox! So, here are some fun and easy ways to add in veggies that are fun and beautiful.

Key tip: At the grocery store, grab a bunch of fresh herbs so you can enjoy a taste of spring all week. Store the herbs in a mason jar of water in the fridge and it should last all week.

Cilantro Garbanzo Bean Hummus 

You can add this to a whole wheat wrap for a healthy alternative to deli meat. And it's super good for you as it's high in fiber and protein. 

In a blender or food processor blend the following:
1 can of garbanzo beans
1/2 lemon (use juice)
1-2 glugs of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
1 garlic clove

Using a whole wheat wrap with at least 2 grams of fiber, toast it in a cast iron skillet with a dash of evoo and then remove from the skillet and add your toppings. I used the cilantro hummus and topped with cilantro, tomatoes, sprouts and tomatoes.

This is my downfall. I love this combo of pumpernickel, melty cheese, sauerkraut, avocado, and light mayo with green onions. This is to die for! :) And fermented foods are great for you! You won't miss the meat.

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