Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Ava

Ava asked for donuts for her birthday with a pink candle.  
She's so sassy. 

We had a great birthday at her gymnastics gym. She had more than 20 girls and they had a blast! We called it her going away party too. 

And a sleepover with friends after the party with her friends from Mrs. Baker's class last year, Grace and Brielle. And cute sister Sophie who was pumped to be with the big girls. 

We had so many ideas to incorporate Ava's cowboy theme, but I was sick for three weeks before it! So we did a pared down version and I think it looked great. Ava wanted the girls to decorate chocolate cupcakes with candy. 

Ryder loved the bouncy house!

Every other year, the girls get a big birthday party. We don't think they need a big one every year so each year one kid gets a big birthday. It just works for us! Ava turned eight this year and wanted to have a gymnastic and horse party. We had a blast and the girls played and jumped all afternoon!

Happy Birthday, Ava!! 

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