Saturday, March 14, 2015

Almost Spring!

Can you believe it's almost spring? We had such a fun and very busy winter getting our home ready for selling this spring. We've had a Valentine's day cupcake playdate with Sarah, made tons of crafts with the girls and Ryder, had my sissy, Jessie to visit and enjoyed the snow! 

Chocolate banana muffins made with yogurt! 

Fresh tulips and flowers brighten up your home in spring. To keep them fresh, only fill up the vase to around 2 inches and add in a drop of bleach. 

Sophie playing with her homemade kite. 

Ava and her paper kite. 

Sophie's super hero mask. 

Being a superhero after playing outside. 

Sophie's homemade cape. 

We had a lot of late snowstorms this year. The kids were out of school almost a whole week when Brandon was in Ohio. 

The light on this photo -- Ava loved sledding outside. 

Sweet Ryder playing outside. This was his first time enjoying the snow. He said, "Yeah!" when he got to go outside. And he went sledding by himself. 

Since we were stuck in the house, I made homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon. Mmm!

Brandon was home for our next snow and got to build a fancy snow lady with the girls. 

My sister was here for a weekend, and we loved it. The girls enjoyed playing Disney headbands with her. Not sure about Ava's face here. Sophie probably guessed her person. 

We headed to the Jefferson Hotel for afternoon tea. 

So pretty. 

Tea time with Thomas Jefferson. It was so much fun getting pampered and enjoying tea together without our kids!!

To celebrate daddy being home we went to a "fire place." The girls got a kick out of the fire and the chef throwing eggs for them to catch. 

My fearless Sophie tried to catch it. I just love this picture!! Ava's face is priceless. 

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