Monday, March 16, 2015

Freshening up

Spring is here and we are freshening up our living room to make it more bright and airy. I wasn't even sure if I should post before pictures because it's so dreary! 

We moved into our home two years ago and are selling this summer when we move back to Ohio for Brandon's job. So, we have been tackling some fun projects to make the home show better. Can I just tell you how much paint, good paint, makes a difference? 

We used Benjamin Moore Simply White. And we had a couple of friends come over and help us give their opinion, which helps. You can get lost in your own thoughts sometimes and it's hard to make any design decisions. 

We did the whole living room project for around $400 with paint, flowers, bar stools (20 percent off at Target), and a frame from the thrift store, and an architecture piece from Revival Consignment. And the side table. The walls took a lot of paint! 

My favorite flowers!! Green and white hydrangeas. 

Here's a before shot when we had just moved in. The fireplace and trim carried a 1970's vibe that made the room dreary. 

Why didn't we add these a long time ago? These stools are where the girls love to eat their cereal. Thanks to my friend, Erin for recommending them.  

Ryder wanted to be in the picture! Another easy tip is to find inexpensive bulb flowers while they are still closed at the supermarket. If they are closed they will last longer. 

My gut feeling was to paint the stained brown beams white. I love the difference it makes in the room now. It went from being our least favorite room to one of our favorite places. 

I actually just added a preserved boxwood wreath to the middle of the brown frame in the back. I love how it adds touches of classic green to the room. 

And my little buddy, Ryder. 
Now for the outside landscaping and painting the patio room!

Also, One King's Lane is having a huge sale today on Serena and Lilly products!

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