Friday, March 27, 2015

Fun Packed Weekend and Easter Breakfast Scones

Brandon took the girls to their first daddy dance. The girls were so pumped and got to make masks. Sophie even break danced! 

Brandon and Sophie and Ava before the daddy daughter dance. A senior at James River in the leadership program created the dance and did it as a senior project. She did such a great job!  
Sophie and Ava listening to the music at the children's day at the Richmond Symphony. 

A funny part of the cute lollipops and symphony -- the conductor had the instruments race each other. The clarinet won. 

Such a pretty venue

After the concert, we headed to Ava's favorite place, Bottom's Up Pizza. 

Brandon caught my strep throat last weekend, so headed out to have brunch to get out of the house. It was a gorg day! We had va ham and french toast at Urban Farmhouse. 

Ryder has been loving digging all day in his sandbox. 

We had these amazing scones when we went to the Jefferson afternoon tea with Jessie. The scones had this bits of toffee in them and they were so good. I replicated the scones by using this recipe and subbing whole milk yogurt for sour cream and Hershey Toffee bits. You have to make these. They are so good. 

Use flour on the biscuit cutters for each press you make. 

The toffee bits caramelize on the bottom. So good! They would be great for Easter morning! 

Best scones ever! 

Easter Toffee Scones 


I subbed whole fat yogurt for the sour cream, omitted raisins and added toffee bits (1/2 cup) instead.

Enjoy and comment if you are planning on trying any fun easter ideas!

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