Monday, March 2, 2015

In Like a Lion

Well, the first day of March was an icy, gray mess. I went early for a run and came home to check in with Brandon on leaving for church. The steps were pretty icy, but the roads were still ok, so we got to church and had a great time. I love starting off the week with service. Sophie had a party, so Brandon took Sophie and went to Lowe's to fix our garbage disposal.

In just the last week we have done the following:

Replaced the disposal
Hung up our chalkboard frame
Fixed our plugged up toilet and sink (from Ryder putting toys down the drain)
And we are having some trees taken down and delimbed in our front yard later this week

Whoo. While I am glad to see some things done, it seems like it never stops! After we paint a couple more rooms and the front porch and replace the mailbox, we are done with our home things. :)

We had a great time too going to the "fire place" with the kids on Saturday. We try to do something special when Brandon has to leave for work for awhile. He is gone all week in Ohio.

'Hanging out at the place with fire.'

What do you think about this article on food for muscle soreness? That salmon looks amazing! I def. need to make more salmon. And I love this tip from Natalie Hodson on how to tell if your eggs are hardboiled. She marks the top of the egg with an "x."

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