Sunday, March 1, 2015

Scenes From Winter

Lots of snow this month that has been "sticking" around. Which means we have been out of school eight days! 

On snow days we like to try to do some school in morning and then play, watch movies, play in the snow, and bake yummy cinnamon rolls. Ava loved sledding and building snowmen and so did Ryder and Sophie!! 

For our cinnamon roll recipe, we use the pioneer woman's icing and Paula Deen's dough recipe. I added some granola to this recipe in the middle and it was awesome! Rolls take a little bit of time to make since they have a double rise, but are pretty easy to make from scratch.

Paula Deen's Recipe for cinnamon rolls 

And working out with Sophie! We love working out and doing yoga together! And I love doing yoga when we are stuck inside to work off the cinnamon rolls! 

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