Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May happenings

Whew! May kicked our booty! We had so many fun-filled activities, including a birthday (!), three school plays, a recital, a mock meet, a trip to Ohio and getting our home on the market!

June is a little quieter, although we are wrapping up school with some picnic and we have a banquet coming up.

Here is our fun wrap-up!

On our way to Ohio, we visited Wayside Chicken. It was one of the best chicken meals we have ever had! 

In Ohio, we had a sleepover with our cousin Charlie. The girls had a ball! 

Of course we had to have ice cream on our road trip. 

Brandon and I got the house ready to sell. He painted a ton of things, including our garage doors. 

Ava was so excited to have a speaking part in her second grade play. She did amazing! 

And then she had her final mock meet of the season! She just shines on the vault. She did so great! 

Sophie had her dance recital and rocked it! She is second from the left. 

A tree fell on our fence. One month before we were listing! Brandon did a great job fixing it! 

One day I was leaving and a sign went up in our yard! It was official that we are selling to move back to Ohio. 

Sophie did a great job at her school play as an "I!"

We went to Ava's mouse play. 

Sophie's dance class shooting for the stars. 

Ava and her friend from class. 

How can she be so old! Sophie before her Saturday dance performance. 

Sophie's kindergarten class learned about ladybugs this year. They got to release the ladybugs into the butterfly garden. She loved wearing her ladybug crown home. 

I made some yummy chicken salad appetizers with french bread.

Cranberry + Parsley Chicken Salad

Easy to make for your next happy hour!
1/2 cup  greek yogurt or mayo
1/4 cup chopped parsley
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup cranberries
Lemon or red wine vinegar (acid) to the shred the poached chicken

Add mixture to thin-sliced french baguettes and top with little dash of evoo and fresh spritz of lemon.


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