Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to school for us!

The girls started first and third grade this week. Yes. I have a third grader! Ava had to laugh and correct me when I put a "two" in chalk on the sidewalk, instead of a "three."

Maybe it was an unconscious effort to keep her small? :)

They had a great breakfast with our favorite ever peach smoothies. And then they got on the bus like it was old hat. Since this is Ava's third school in three years, I was a little worried about her. But, they both hopped in the car at pickup on the way to gymnastics like they had just spent the day at Disney World.

They had a ball at school! I am so thankful that they had a great first day and that everyone seems to be adjusting to our move. We had a pretty awesome school in Virginia so it's nice everyone is so pumped!

Sophie is excited about her classes two recesses and Ava loves being around friends again.

Here's to a great year!

Ready to go! 

Sweet Ava, she is my little sweetie who loves people and is so kind to Ryder. 

My little fashionista, Sophie. She introduces herself as, "Well, my real name is Sophia, but my nickname is Sophie" to everyone! Even the bus driver. :) 

Peach Smoothies
I'll post a recipe for peach smoothies next week, but man, they are delicious! And they only take a couple of ingredients. The key is to get really good peaches, cut them, and then freeze them for the smoothies.

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