Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moving back to Ohio.

July and early August have been quite eventful! We moved from our sweet home in Richmond, Va to our new home in Dublin, Ohio. The move had been in the works for six months so it was nice to finally be in our new home! Boy, oh boy, we were ready to move after packing for six months! It's bittersweet as we miss our friends and neighbors!

The moving truck came on Tuesday and packed and on Wednesday they loaded! How did they get everything done in two days? It was insane! 

Goodbye sweet home! We have had some great memories and holidays here. 

Karen, George and James were our neighbors who we loved. They will be so missed. 

The night after we loaded up we stayed in a hotel in Charlottsville, Va. We loved the Homewood Suites. They had happy hour and dinner for us and breakfast on the patio the next morning! 

The kiddos loved the pool! 

On our way home we took a detour and went to Carter's Mountain, which is nestled right by Monticello. What a seriously breathtaking view. You instantly felt relaxed and peaceful at the top! 

We bought our third home! Wowzers. We had a fun time at the closing! 

Our new home! 

One of my favorite things about moving is that we are so close to family and our cousins! 

We found a new gym for Ava and her gymnastics. 

We have swam so much! 

And loving our new deck and grilling and eating outside! I can't wait to make more memories in our new home! 

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