Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Coconut milk smoothies

I used to never cook with coconut milk. It just seemed very intimidating! However, I tried using coconut milk in our smoothies and it was amazing. The coconut milk is rich and thick. Don't use light coconut milk. I mean, you can. But, the real deal is so good for you. It has saturated fat that is processed at a different method than regular saturated fat, which helps maintain body weight. And it contains 25 percent of your daily iron!

Just throw a can of regular coconut milk in place of your liquid in your next smoothie recipe.

Coconut milk smoothies

To a blender add: 
One can of regular coconut milk 
One bag of frozen pineapples
One half bag of frozen strawberries 
Cup of ice 
One banana 

Top with coconut flakes and enjoy! 

Makes five cups.

Freeze the smoothie mix for a fun, beachy after school treat. The girls loved these.

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