Friday, September 18, 2015

Living room updates

Happy Friyay! 

Brandon and I are going on a date tonight to watch the Shock Trials. We both read the books and can't wait to see it.

I ran five miles last Sunday and this stream was just beautiful. It's nice to have running trails that are so beautiful! 

I love the landscaping and outfit in this photo! 

Everything about this is awesome, including the rug, cross-back chairs and the chandelier. 

Our new living room is coming along! 

This is my favorite place to sit and read a book or unwind with a glass of wine. 

Katie Lee's new book is so good! I love all of her recipes. 

This is our plan for the living room, which also includes replacing the flooring from carpet to hardwood. We chose to fix up the outside first since we had dead trees and tree trimming to do, along with buying a bed and washer and dryer. 

Love using mint julep cups for flower holders.
Back to school 
Ryder started preschool this week! He was so excited to go to his class that he wanted to do drop off the first day. 

He picked the tiger emblem on Land's End site for his backpack. And his name is glow-in-the-dark! 

For a fun and nutritious snack, we like to freeze smoothies. The girls and Ryder loved eating these at school pickup. I added frozen peaches, milk and juice, and honey to the popsicle molds

Another great breakfast option for busy school mornings is freezing leftover french toast. I used baguettes here for the bread and it seemed to freeze better than regular bread. Simply put the toast in the toaster and get ready to smell cinnamon yumminess. It was amazing how much it tasted like I had just made it! 

A protein + carb mix is also a great idea. Mix salted sunflower seeds with honey cheerios. Ryder loves this combo.

Have a great weekend!

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